HaSeul: Exploring the Melodic Journey of Loona’s Talented Songbird

Stage Name: Haseul (하슬) 
Birth Name: Jo Haseul (조하슬) 
Position:  Leader, LOONA 1/3 Leader, Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: August 18, 1997 
Zodiac Sign:  Leo
Nationality:  Korean
Height:  159 cm (5’2″)
Weight:  45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood Type:  O

Meet HaSeul, a remarkable talent who has taken the K-Pop scene by storm as a member of the popular girl group LOONA. Her extraordinary vocal abilities and irresistible charm have captivated fans across the globe, solidifying her position as a true standout in the music industry. With her mellifluous voice and captivating stage presence, HaSeul has earned her rightful place as a celebrated songbird, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners worldwide. From her dazzling performances to her undeniable talent, HaSeul is an artist who continues to shine brightly, captivating audiences with her every note and leaving them yearning for more. 

HaSeul 1

This article, delves into the enchanting journey of HaSeul, tracing her rise to fame and exploring the unique qualities that make her an irreplaceable asset to LOONA. 

Early Life and Pre-Debut Days: 

Born as Cho Ha-Seul on August 18, 1997, in the vibrant city of Ansan, South Korea, HaSeul’s journey in the world of music began early on. From a young age, she discovered her love for singing, and her passion only grew stronger as the years went by. With unwavering determination and an unwavering commitment to her craft, HaSeul dedicated herself to refining her vocal abilities, constantly pushing herself to new heights. Her undeniable talent did not go unnoticed, as she fearlessly showcased her skills in numerous singing competitions, leaving audiences in awe of her immense vocal prowess. It was during one of these competitions that HaSeul’s path to stardom took a significant turn. Auditioning for BlockBerry Creative, the renowned entertainment company responsible for the creation of LOONA, HaSeul caught the attention of talent scouts with her exceptional voice and undeniable stage presence. Her audition proved successful, and HaSeul embarked on an incredible journey as a trainee, taking her one step closer to achieving her dreams of becoming a music industry sensation. 

Educational Journey of HaSeul 

HaSeul’s educational journey took a slightly different path compared to her peers, adding an interesting twist to her life story. After completing her regular schooling in South Korea, HaSeul decided to embark on a unique educational experience by studying in the United States for a year. This decision allowed her to broaden her horizons and immerse herself in a different culture while pursuing her academic goals. As a result, she graduated from high school later than her classmates, but the experience she gained during her time in the US undoubtedly enriched her perspective and shaped her into the person she is today. HaSeul’s willingness to step outside of her comfort zone and explore new opportunities showcases her adventurous spirit and thirst for knowledge, demonstrating that her educational journey was as diverse and exciting as her musical endeavours. 

Debut with LOONA and the nickname “December Girl” 

HaSeul’s debut as a member of LOONA came with the release of their pre-debut single album, “HeeJin,” in October 2016. Making her debut in December 2016, Haseul earned the endearing nickname of “December Girl” among her fans. Her angelic voice shone brightly in the title track, “ViViD,” immediately capturing the hearts of fans. Her distinct vocal colour, coupled with her impressive range, set her apart as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Following the release, HaSeul continued to mesmerize audiences with her solo single, “Let Me In,” which showcased her emotional depth and storytelling prowess. 

Musicality and Artistic Contributions 

As a member of LOONA, HaSeul’s contributions extend beyond her extraordinary vocals. She actively participates in the creative process, showcasing her songwriting abilities and musicality. Her artistic contributions can be heard in songs like “Uncover” and “Perfect Love,” which feature her name in the credits, further exemplifying her versatility as an artist. HaSeul’s commitment to her craft is evident in her continuous pursuit of excellence and her willingness to experiment with different musical genres. 

Impact and Fan Appreciation 

HaSeul’s influence and impact on LOONA’s devoted fanbase, lovingly known as Orbits, are truly remarkable. Her endearing personality, radiating warmth and gentleness, has captivated the hearts of fans worldwide. However, it is not just her amiable nature that has won over the fandom; it is also her undeniable talent that leaves them in awe. HaSeul’s ethereal vocals possess a unique quality that effortlessly touches the souls of listeners. Her melodic tones and impressive vocal range have become a signature element of LOONA’s music, adding depth and emotion to their songs. Beyond her vocal abilities, it is HaSeul’s genuine interactions with fans that have further solidified her connection with the Orbits. Her sincerity and authenticity shine through during fan events, interviews, and social media interactions, making fans feel seen and appreciated. HaSeul’s unwavering dedication to her craft is also an inspiration to many. Her tireless efforts to improve as an artist and her determination to overcome challenges resonate deeply with fans who admire her hard work and perseverance. Through her talent, personality, and unwavering dedication, HaSeul has undoubtedly left an indelible impact on the hearts of LOONA’s fanbase, fostering a deep and lasting connection between the artist and her devoted Orbits. 

Green Colour Designation Within the Group and Her English Name Jane  

Within the group, her designated colour is green, representing her unique presence. Symbolically, she is represented by a white bird, adding an ethereal touch to her persona. 

When it comes to her English name, Haseul goes by the name Jane.  

Her Rendition of IU’s hit song “Friday” 

Her journey to becoming a part of LOONA started with an impressive audition where she captivated the judges with her rendition of IU’s hit song “Friday.” Along with her undeniable talent, Haseul has acquired a few endearing nicknames from fans, such as Jo Leader and Harvard

HaSeul’s Fear of Birds 

She possesses fluency in English, further showcasing her versatility as a member of the group. While Haseul exudes charm and beauty, she has one dimple that adds to her adorable appeal. Interestingly, despite her association with a white bird, Haseul harbours a deep fear of birds, which originated from a frightful encounter with a pigeon during her childhood. 

Anxiety Leads to a Setback in HaSeul’s Career 

Although HaSeul didn’t make it to the final lineup of YG’s survival show MIXNINE, her dedication and hard work have earned her a prominent role model in the industry—IU. However, HaSeul faced a setback in her career when she took a hiatus from album promotions for LOONA’s “# (Hash)” and “12:00: (Midnight Festival)” due to anxiety. Blockberry Creative announced this on January 8, 2020. This period allowed her to prioritize her well-being and recovery, receiving support and love from fans around the world.  

An End to HaSeul’s Hiatus 

Fortunately, after a year and six months, HaSeul’s hiatus came to an end, as confirmed by a news article shared by @loonatheworld on June 2, 2021. Now, HaSeul is back and ready to continue her musical journey with LOONA and her fans. Ultimately, she holds an ideal type—a person who resembles her father, a meaningful preference that reflects her personal values and connections. 

Future Prospects: 

As LOONA continues to make waves in the music industry, HaSeul’s prospects are undoubtedly promising. Her unwavering dedication, coupled with her immense talent, positions her for continued success as a member of LOONA and as a solo artist. Fans eagerly anticipate her future releases and look forward to witnessing the evolution of her artistry. 


HaSeul, the exceptional songbird of LOONA, has established herself as a powerhouse vocalist and an invaluable member of the group. Her melodious voice, combined with her charismatic presence, has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Throughout her career, HaSeul has shown remarkable growth as an artist and continues to captivate fans with her talent, charm, and unique qualities. Her journey is an inspiration, and fans eagerly anticipate her future endeavours as she leaves an indelible mark on the world of music. With her unwavering dedication to her craft and her ability to connect deeply with fans, HaSeul continues to enchant audiences worldwide. As she embarks on her musical journey, we eagerly anticipate the captivating melodies and incredible moments she has yet to share with us.  


1. Did you know that HaSeul’s ears are of unusual shape?

One intriguing aspect of Haseul’s appearance is the fact that her ears have different shapes, adding a touch of uniqueness to her features.

2. Does HaSeul play any musical instruments?

Haseul’s musical abilities extend beyond her vocals, as she is skilled in playing both the guitar and piano.

3. Which colour is HaSeul fond of?

Outside of her music career, Haseul has expressed a fondness for mustard colour and burgundy colour, as revealed in the Loona second NZ story video.

4. What is Haseul’s English name?

When it comes to her English name, Haseul goes by the name Jane.

5. Who is known as “December Girl” and why?

Making her debut in December 2016, Haseul earned the endearing nickname of “December Girl” among her fans.

6. Did you know about this strange phobia HaSeul has?

HaSeul has a fear of water, adding to her list of phobias.

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