Cockos Reaper DAW Software Review

Cockos Reaper review

Cockos Reaper is a tiny California, USA-based digital audio workstation company launched in 2006. We are a service provider of audio & virtual service recording and accurate notion editing. CockosReaper provides Pro-base and Cubase-equipped workstations at a minimal price. CockosReaper is available in both PC and Mac versions. CockosReaper can even be run on a portable device like a network drive or cockos. Etc. There is a 60-day unlimited trial available for Cockos Reaper, and if purchased, the customer gets a full version update. CockosReaper strives hard to provide the best quality service on the platform and ensures on-time bug fixing, quality streaming, and good quality picture.


The interface of the product is good. It has a tracklist to play music. The overall system is user-friendly. All tracks you create are record-arm by default. There are various editing options available in the application. If looks matter to you or help boost creativity, you can enhance the UI with skins & layouts. CockosReaper includes plenty of layout examples in the program, and you can download themes from the company site. Some themes help look analogues mix consoles, and some come close to duplicating the UI’s of famous Cockos Reaper DAWs like pro-tools, Cubase & logic. A new theme lets you modify the default UI theme to include channel metering, the size of the track names, and different icon layouts, but any third-party themes.

Record & Editing

As and how you spend more time on Reaper, you’ll find the actual work done. Whether it’s an audio or visual instrument, you make a track, click the red button on the left arm to it on recording and press the master record button to begin. The subscribers can set up monitoring effects, such as if you want to reverb in your headphones while recording a vocal. Unlike FL STUDIO, Reaper is suited for recording multiple audio channels of live instruments simultaneously and from multiple interface inputs. Recording a five-piece band is no problem with Reaper if you have microphones.

CockosReaper’s tiny download footprint is beautiful in itself, but it belies a fundamental limitation. The program doesn’t come with any usable variable instruments loops, which is a bummer and adds complexity to novices. It’s pretty much assumed you’ll go out and add your third-party plug-ins; CockosReaper supports VST, VST3, AU DirectX, and JS. There are tons of free plug-ins available on the web stock up to stock Reaper with sounds. The customers can also buy professional packages like Native instrument Komplete or IK media Sampletank if you’ve got the cash. Once installed on a track, the VST is hidden behind the FX button. Aside from the quirk, populating your project with many virtual synths is easy.

Once recording some material, CockosReaper’s tools for editing audio clips and MIDI data are powerful and flexible once recording some material. The piano roll is relatively easy to use; unlike bright grid-style complexities, you’ll find more CockosDAW like a logic PRO, Reaper’s grid is simple and work precisely as you expect.

Mixing and mastering

The mixer view seems inflexible at first, as with everything else in Reaper, there is a ton of activities you can do with it. However, the cursor is just above the mixing board near the Mute/ record/ solo buttons, and pull the border to see the channel inserts. All the standard controls are for muting, soloing, and panning tracks. Cockos Reaper includes full automation capabilities for tracks and also for the instrument parameters.

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