Ardor DAW software review

Ardour software review

Ardor software is a digital audio workstation application that works on Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, and Microsoft Windows.


The limitations of the software are related to the software it can run on. There are no built-in limits and capabilities. When recording on top of existing media, it can perform latency compensation and position recorded material where it has intended to record the music. Monitoring options include self-monitoring, external hardware support, and specialized hardware support. Self-monitoring helps to apply plugin effects with recordings. Using Jack audio, Ardour software can record concurrently from the audio card and compatible software.

  • Mixing: Ardour software supports an ordinary number of tracks from anything to anywhere routing. All gain planning and plugin and plug parameters can be automated. All samples were mixed and maintained internally in a 32-bit floating-point format.
  • Editing: Ardour software supports dragging, trimming, splitting, and time-stretching record reasons with sample resolution and supports layer regions. It also includes a crossfade editor, beat detection, and a snapshot feature.
  • Mastering: Ardour software can be used as a mastering environment. Its integrating Audio kit makes it use a mastering tool. It can be sent to third-party audio editing or processing. It can also be used for audio editing.
  • Compatibility: Ardour software can be used for broadcast wave format, MIDI machine control, and XML. It is also being tested on Linux PowerPC and ARM (for at least version 3) architectures; Solaris, macOS on Intel and PowerPC, Windows on Intel architectures, and FreeBSD. It takes advantage of all these system processors’ multicore SMP and real-time features.


Ardor software relies on plugins for many features, from audio effects processing to dynamic control. It supports the following plugin format and platform combinations: LV2 on Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, and Windows; AudioUnits on macOS; Steinberg’s VST2 on Linux LADSPA on Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, and Windows. It is theoretically possible to use plugins created for Windows in the VST2 format on Linux with the help of Wine, but the project team does not recommend it. Since version 6.5, it also supports VST3 plugins on all supported platforms.

Import and export

Ardor software can export whole sessions or parts of sessions and import audio clips into sessions from over 30 different audio file formats, using its built-in audio file database manager or directly from a normal file browser.

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