Yousician and Amazon collaborate to create bundle for budding musicians

Yousician and Amazon collaborate to create bundle for budding musicians

The world’s top music education service, Yousician, and Amazon are working together to encourage the next generation of music artists. A 30-day free trial of Yousician Premium+ will be given as an additional gift with purchase to customers who buy a qualifying musical instrument in Amazon stores starting on October 24.

This makes it simple for any beginner to get started studying an instrument. With its gamified approach to learning an instrument, Yousician has raised the bar for music instruction. With its platform, you can quickly learn to play your favourite songs by hundreds of musicians from various genres, including Coldplay, Adele, Billie Eilish, Metallica, et al., and play the piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, and sing.

For the first time, Amazon and Yousician are working together to create this unique bundle. Amazon contributed $28 million of its Series B fund, managed by Yousician, through Amazon’s Alexa Fund in April 2021. In addition to the standard 7-day free trial that Yousician offers new customers, as a result of this partnership, they will also get 30 days for free. This is the first time Yousician has worked with another business to create a package of consumer goods.

Innovative audio recognition technology is used in Yousician’s approach to music teaching, setting it apart from rival platforms. Real-time feedback is given while the audio feature listens to the user play. The gamified experience resembles an online music school where top professors oversee interactive learning for users of all skill levels.

Chris Thür, Co-founder and CEO of Yousician, said, “Through our collaboration with Amazon, we make it very easy for people to begin their musical hobby. Customers trust Amazon’s seamless retail experience, and millions trust Yousician to learn how to play an instrument. Get the instrument delivered to your home, download the Yousician app and start playing. It’s that simple.

“We’re looking forward to being able to offer Yousician to Amazon customers and help them kickstart their musical journey.”

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Photo Credit: Yousician via PR Newswire

Metallica, a multi-Grammy Award-winning and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band, and Yousician recently teamed together to offer three beginner-friendly courses. The course features step-by-step tutorials from the band so users can learn the songs from the band directly and play them the way they were intended to be played.

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