Tiësto Reveals He has two Unreleased Collaborations with Avicii

Tiesto Avicii

As it turns out that there are even more hidden treasures in Avicii’s archives, two of which we’ve learned are collaborations with Tiesto.  

In a new interview with Level One, Tiesto says that he and Avicii were initially excited about a particular track they had in the pipeline, but it was still unfinished. However, upon the tragic death of the Swedish superstar, Tiesto, like many of Avicii’s colleagues, eventually found himself unsure what Avicii wanted to do with the track.  

“We made a track together years ago, and we wanted to release it. Actually, I have two tracks with him,” Tiësto recalls. “We never really finished both of them. After he passed away. I didn’t know if he would have wanted them to be released, so I decided not to.”  

“I’m not sure if they’ll ever see the light of day,” he added.  

Tiesto was one of Avicii’s major champions throughout his career. The Dutch dance music legend was introduced to Avicii’s music when the latter’s manager began sending him songs. As Tiesto recalled in a 2020 tribute Livestream with “Wake Me Up” singer Aloe Black, the year was 2008, before Avicii even played its first live set.  

Tiësto and Avicii 

Although Tiesto is not insisting on releasing these songs, there is no shortage of content in its pipeline. He is gearing up for his next album, Cycles, which says fans can only listen to this summer.  

“The London Sessions was a really great album,” Tiësto said. “I spent a month in London, met up with all the best songwriters, and we had a lot of sessions. I feel like that’s how albums are gonna be from now on they will be a vibe and not necessarily just like ten songs put together. It’ll be more like: ‘Yes, this is where I’m at, my headspace,’ and really try to close it out within three months from start to finish.”  

“I think the new album should be finished by February and then come out in the summer,” he added. 

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