Shania Twain is “ready” for a duet with Harry Styles at the BRIT Awards

Shania Twain is "ready" for a duet with Harry Styles at the BRIT Awards

If Harry Styles asks her to join him onstage at this weekend’s BRIT Awards, Shania Twain is “ready.”

Harry Styles performed with Shania Twain at Coachella in April last year, and she has already begun using Harry’s song “Falling” in the practice sessions for her upcoming tour.

“If he asks, I’ll be there. For my tour, the first song that I pulled out was Harry’s ‘Falling’; I just love that. I’ve been playing around with that in my vocal warm-ups, so if he wants to do that, then I’m ready,” Shania Twain told Daily Star newspaper’s Wired column.

Recently, Shania, 57, expressed her desire to work with Harry in the studio.

“[A collaboration] would be my dream, yes. He’s busy making movies right now. I would love that. Put it out there! Make it happen. And magic will happen, I’m sure,” she said.

Meanwhile, Tom Grennan is also very interested in working with Harry Styles.

The ‘Remind Me’ singer has only had a brief encounter with the ‘As It Was’ hitmaker, but he doesn’t believe that he would recognize him if he approached him at this weekend’s BRIT Awards and asked if he’d like to work with him.

“If Harry Styles came up to me and went ‘I’d love to do a tune,’ I’d be like, sweet bruv, let’s do it, but I wouldn’t go up to Harry and go ‘I’d love to do a tune’ because he’d be like ‘who are you mate? He’d definitely be like that!

“I’ve met Harry before. He’d just bought a new Tesla, and he was trying it out, and he was like, what do you think of the Tesla? And I went ‘decent!’. It was only brief, but he was sound, and if I walked past him in the BRITs, I’d be like, congrats on both the Grammys. He’s killed it, man,” Tom Grennan told Hits UK radio.

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