The Release of Rapchari’s New Single “Fly High”: A Fresh Take on Uplifting Pop Music

Rapchari's New Rap Song "Fly High" - Out Now!

With his most recent song, “Fly High,” up-and-coming musician Rapchari is creating waves in the music world. It’s no surprise that the single catches listeners’ attention with its captivating sound and motivational lyrics. This song is quickly winning over listeners and taking the music business by storm.

This tune stands out from others in its genre thanks to Rapchari’s distinct rapping style and Swattrex’s production, and it will undoubtedly become a hit for many years. No matter how often you hit rock bottom, Fly High will inspire you to keep going and try again. You stand up, become liberated, and soar high!

Rapchari is an Indian rapper and self-taught musician from Lucknow. He believes that he is simply a copy of an ordinary dissatisfied child who wants to express his feelings & thoughts in public & convey real vibes, and he utilises music to share his opinions, his rage against the wrong in society, and his love for the people.

He has worked in various genres, including rock, lo-fi, hip-hop, and dubstep. His song “Sandesh” was played on RADIO MIRCHI LUCKNOW during the pandemic. He was also the judge of an open mic event called “KARWAAN.”

Swatej Agrawal, popularly known as Swattrex, is a musician from Delhi and a DJ Artist. He started making music in 2017 by learning music from YouTube and got featured on IMDB & Times of India. He has an entire release catalog of 150+ songs till now with 70+ original releases, which has already crossed 100 million+ streams across all platforms worldwide. He has released songs on Saregama Music, and his upcoming songs will be released on Sony Music soon.

It’s a powerful song that speaks to the struggles of being an artist and the importance of perseverance. Its catchy chorus is sure to be stuck in your head for days. The track is an inspirational story of triumph and determination, a person who never gave up on their dream despite facing many obstacles in life. It’s a powerful, uplifting anthem encouraging people to break out of their comfort zone and follow their dreams. Its success is a testament to the power of music to bring people together and lift spirits.

Rapchari’s creative process is one of the most intriguing aspects of their music. “My observations and experiences inspire this song. My verse stands for those who hustle, their struggles, and their problems. Being one myself helped me pen down my extreme feelings“, Rapchari stated in a chat with GrooveNexus.

Rapchari’s music has had a tremendous impact on pop culture, and it matters for many reasons. His unique rap style and powerful lyrics have resonated with people across different demographics, inspiring them to express themselves in their own way. Rapchari’s music has changed the landscape of pop culture by allowing people to express themselves freely without fear of judgement or persecution. It is no wonder his music continues to be as influential today as it was when he started out.

The song has already been receiving a great response from music industry experts. It’s the perfect track for anyone looking for some motivation or inspiration in their life. So get ready to soar with Fly High!

Indie music is an integral part of the music industry and is becoming increasingly popular. It is a movement that celebrates creativity and originality and has been gaining recognition in recent years. Nowadays, indie music is being heard worldwide, but it needs more support. That’s why we should join the “Fly High” movement and show our support for indie music. By doing this, we can spread the word about this great genre of music and give independent artists a chance to be heard on a larger platform.

With its upbeat tempo and encouraging lyrics, “Fly High” can be the perfect way to start your day on a positive note & help you get out of a funk and put your worries aside. So don’t wait any longer – start listening today for an improved mood and new hope.

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Released exclusively on: GrooveNexus Records
Availability: Spotify, Jiosaavn, Itunes, Gaana, etc.

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