Studd Da Kidd Brings Together Musicians, Record Labels & Artists to Showcase Their Talent

Studd Da Kidd

Exposure Explosion Festival Live is one of the creative entrepreneurs Studd Da Kidd’s projects which is now taking shape. Information is now available for those who wish to sign up. The festival gives celebrities, artists, businesses, and others the chance to grow their brands by offering subscription-based live concerts and in-person experiences. These can include personalized video concerts, web shows, podcasts, social networking, and meet and greet. Anyone who has ever met their celebrity hero in person usually ranks it among the best days of their life. And many who pay for a meet and wonderful experience at concerts and events say the experience and the memories are worth all the money they spent and more. 

In that way, Exposure Explosion Festival Live aims to combine the best parts, an expo, and networking. The idea is to put creatives in contact with fans and movers and shakers, partners, collaborators, and backers and to cover as many locations as possible around the country by virtual means. 

Innovator Studd Da Kidd, the founder of DRH Consulting and Tama Industries, is originally from San Antonio, Texas, and they don’t do things by halves in the Lone Star State. Exposure Explosion Festival Live will be available on a responsive website, a mobile app, and smart TV. That means that participants can monetize their content and revenue stream through ticket sales and subscriptions to access premium content, D2C merchandising, advertising, and sponsorship deals. Anyone interested in learning more can check Studd Da Kidd’s social media profiles for further information. 

What’s more, creators can join Exposure Explosion Festival Live for free and set their own schedules. It allows for multiple live broadcasts to suit different time zones or a system of ticketed access for fans to watch content at a suitable time for them. Fans can join the platform of their choice for $8.99 a month or $79.99 annually. Content creators can obtain more details or sign up by emailing [email protected]

Artists can perform whatever they want from wherever they wish, offering as many options as they like. Content could be a musician playing an intimate gig in their own home or a creator showing the process by which a piece is produced with a video shoot in their studio. In addition, Exposure Explosion Festival Live offers a free interview for every creative, posted on all social media channels and on the platform, itself. If you were wondering how to become a music influencer, then this might help you in the musical journey.  

The term ‘creator’ is designed to encompass not only musicians and video makers but dancers, tattoo artists, poets, and models, among others. The organizers hope that this wide-reaching remit will allow Exposure Explosion Festival Live to become a household name for brand growth in many creative sectors. 

Studd Da Kidd’s aim with Exposure Explosion Festival Live is to provide a place for creators themselves to benefit from increased exposure and revenue and allow fans to engage with and provide backing for their favorite celebrities and brands too. 

You can find Studd Da Kidd’s social media accounts at

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