Seth N’ Sound takes dance scene by storm with his debut single ‘Far Away

Seth N' Sound

Accomplished multi-instrumentalist and well-known ghost producer Seth N’ Sound is preparing to embark on a new journey in the music industry by creating his path. He has released his debut single ‘Far Away’ to showcase his unique production technique and innate musical ability. 

Seth has already made a name for himself in the industry. He has collaborated with renowned names such as Do Not Duplicate Recordings, London on da Track, David Dann, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group. 

‘Far Away’ is a masterpiece that displays Seth’s talent and sets the tone for his future work. Listeners will be captivated and eager for more after hearing this track, now available to stream.  

‘Far Away’ is a lively and cheerful summer hit that combines energetic rhythms, catchy hooks, and lively synth elements with a touch of funk. The track perfectly exemplifies Seth N’ Sound’s skill in producing and seamlessly blending various sonic elements to create a harmonious and captivating listening experience. 

With Nathi’s celestial vocals, ‘Far Away’ takes the listener on a euphoric journey, leaving them impressed and eager for more. The song’s expansive soundscapes make it a versatile addition to any playlist, whether to pump up the crowd at a festival’s main stage or to energize a club’s dance floor.  


‘Far Away reflects my unique sound’ 

“I’m so grateful to have gotten the chance to collaborate with such incredible individuals, who have helped me hone my skills and contributed to developing my distinct production style. This release truly reflects my unique sound, and I’m so excited to share it with the world,” Seth N’ Sound said. 

Seth N’ Sound’s debut single ‘Far Away’ is just the beginning of a promising career for this multi-talented artist. With his innate musical ability and innovative spirit, he promises to bring a new era of creativity and innovation to the music industry. 

Seth is determined to create his path in the dance music space. He will be releasing various diverse remixes soon, showcasing his exceptional technical skills and boundary-pushing artistry. 

With his rare combination of technical mastery and creative flair, Seth N’ Sound is poised to revolutionize the music landscape with his dynamic soundscapes and unmatched talent. ‘Far Away’ is a catchy summer anthem that provides a sneak peek of what is to come from this rising star, and fans can look forward to his upcoming releases.  


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Producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Seth N’ Sound stand as the promise of a brand new take on electronic pop music. Starting as a guitar player and playing arenas in Brazil at 15, he fell in love with music by listening to his family’s enormous record collection and picking up his first instrument at only age 12. 

After working with hundreds of artists as a mentor, engineer, and ghost producer, Seth is taking the lead with his debut single, “Far Away,” which brings a mix of funk rock and electronic pop that is hard not to fall in love with. 

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