RTG’s ‘Behind Barz’: A Powerful and Introspective Track Reflecting Inner Turmoil 

Behind Barz by RTG

GrooveNexus is excited to announce the release of the upcoming song “Behind Barz” by artist RTG, set to release on Tuesday, May 9th, 2023.  

The song is a reflection of the artist’s frustration and inner turmoil. The song’s theme revolves around feeling imprisoned within oneself but also possessing the strength to fight and rebel against those inner demons.   

“I was feeling frustrated about so many things. Numerous thoughts flowed in my mind, and music was the best way I found to express myself. Also, for a long time, I wanted to create something with a strong lyrical value and technically strong flows, so I have experimented a lot in this,” explains RTG.   

The song has garnered praise from RTG’s collaborator, beat producer Superlit, who says, “This song is full of power! RTG has brought great energy to the project, I feel!”  

RTG represents the Hip-Hop culture of Uttar Pradesh and aspires to make it big on a global scale. RTG’s journey as an artist started in 2017 when he began writing poetry. He eventually discovered Hip-Hop and found a passion for it. RTG formed the Hip-Hop Crew ‘Dirty Nation Official’ with his friends Dibtat, Shikhar, DeeBBX, and Shunya. He then met Nishant Bhaiya, aka Superlit, and has collaborated on multiple projects for years.  

“Behind Barz” is an exciting addition to RTG’s already impressive body of work. The song features a hard-hitting beat that complements RTG’s powerful flow. The song’s lyrics reflect RTG’s inner turmoil and provide an intimate look into his psyche. The song’s hook is particularly catchy and will undoubtedly have listeners singing along.  

Fans of Hip-Hop and music lovers alike should mark their calendars for May 9th, 2023, when “Behind Barz” by RTG will be available to stream on GrooveNexus. Don’t miss out on this powerful and reflective track. 

Releasing On:

Platform: GrooveNexus HipHop 

Date: May 9th, 2023 

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