Timmy Trumpet releases new song ‘Cardio’


Anyone who has attended the electrifying fireball show of Timmy trumpet. His performances are known as full-day workout and sometimes better than going to gym. As he as a discography of full electrifying songs and major hits.  

working and playing harder is the main motto of song ‘Cardio’. The lyrics also state the theme as ‘all we do is work hard, play hard.’ The best lyrics tells the feeling of Timmy Trumpet’s sets. It is a legendary cardio track with proper suitable lyrics. Timmy Trumpet make a perfect balance between hard, relentless perfect sound and an anthem that can be sung along to. the powerful drop comes in and shakes the earth hard, bringing a signature sound of Timmy trumpet that can be easily recognizable. ‘Cardio’ brings the dancefloor to your home and gives a new soundtrack  

“Anyone that has seen me perform would know that my sets are a workout in themselves. The time has come to finally put an official theme song to it.” says Timmy Trumpet of ‘Cardio’ 

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