Pta Ni Kyo by K9: Illuminating the dark side of jealousy and betrayal through powerful lyrics 

pta ni kyo

GrooveNexus Records is proud to present the release of Pta Ni Kyo, a new song by the talented artist K9. Set to stream on the GrooveNexus platform on June 2nd, and this track is poised to captivate audiences with its powerful lyrics and relatable message.  

Inspired by the prevalence of jealousy and betrayal today, Pta Ni Kyo delves into the human tendency to be more interested in others’ lives without apparent reason. K9, known for his insightful lyrics, aims to shed light on this destructive behaviour and encourage listeners to support one another instead. The song’s profound lyrics touch upon the experiences of the artist and the way his friends and relatives showcased their true colours when success came knocking.  

K9 and musician RV Panesar delve into the significance of hard work and the art of celebrating the achievements of friends and relatives. Their insightful conversation sheds light on the value of diligence and the ability to appreciate the success attained by those close to us genuinely. 

K9 believes in the power of unity and support, as reflected in his quote, “Never be jealous of someone’s success. Always support each other.”   

Similarly, RV Panesar emphasizes the importance of showing love and appreciation for hardworking individuals, stating, “If you can’t give love to someone who works hard, then don’t hurt them by criticizing.”  

K9’s ability to express complex emotions through his music is unparalleled. With over 13 years of experience as a singer, composer, and lyricist, K9 has perfectly honed his craft. His unique style and deep understanding of human emotions make him a standout artist in the industry.  

Teaming up with K9 on this powerful track is rap artist Keshav Kalakaar, whose poignant rap lyrics perfectly complement the song’s theme. In addition, the talented RV Panesar crafted the music for Pta Ni Kyo, adding a dynamic and engaging element to the song’s composition.  

Creative People Behind the Screen:

The music video is produced by Mars Studio and directed by Arun Rathor. It visualizes the song’s message with compelling visuals and a captivating narrative. Bhavuk Arora, the renowned editor, DI, and colourist, has lent his expertise to enhance the video’s impact. The flawless mix and master by Urban Singh further elevate the song’s auditory experience. It ensures a mesmerizing journey for the listeners.  

K9’s vision for Pta Ni Kyo has been brought to life by a team of music industry experts. Upma Miglani’s makeup artistry and Kamal K’s creative poster design contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the project. The entire endeavour is helmed by Kamal Arora, who has meticulously overseen every aspect of the production.  

Experience the magic of Pta Ni Kyo by visiting GrooveNexus Records YouTube channel on June 2nd.  

About K9:

Karanjeet Singh, popularly known as K9, is a multi-talented artist with an illustrious career in the entertainment industry. With over 13 years of experience as a singer, lyricist, and composer, K9 has cemented his place as a remarkable talent. His ability to convey deep emotions through music sets him apart from his contemporaries.  

About GrooveNexus:

At Groovenexus, we believe in nurturing and empowering emerging artists, allowing them to gain visibility and recognition in the music industry. Our platform serves as a launchpad for talented musicians to showcase their unique styles, genres, and artistic visions.   

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