Marco Dalla Villa stunning music video for single ‘Balta sound’

Marco Dalla Villa stunning music video for single ‘Balta sound’

Villa gave tribute to the beautiful place with a fantastic single that is packed a proper punch. He finds this place after exploring the world on google maps. He has worked amazingly with the video that blends properly with audio, which was beautiful and an excellent visual accompaniment.

The song’s official music video is fantastic with stunning, amazing sweeping video shots that do an amazing job of showcasing the pure natural scenes of the island; this is all helped by the beautiful and soothing soundscape given off by the amazing track. This will make anyone excited to watch this video want to have an amazing experience in nature; anyone can experience the beauty through the ‘Baltasound’ official music video.

It is packed with fun, beauty, and surprises every second as the video passes. It is truly a jam-packed song for the audience, featuring multiple beautiful appearances from famous runner Flora Beverly and motorcycle influencer Andres Astarita.

About this stream and the music video itself, Villa stated:

“It was the first time that I have played outdoors without an audience and it felt so incredible to perform in such a breathtaking location, with so much empty space around me. When the first drop came in, I raised my head, and instead of people dancing, a sheep was staring back at me! It was impossible not to laugh at that moment!”

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