Grammy Award Winner PJ Morton Releases New Single ‘Please Don’t Walk Away’

Grammy Award Winner PJ Morton Releases New Single ‘Please Don’t Walk Away’

American singer PJ Morton releases his new single ‘Please Don’t Walk Away’ since winning the 2021 Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album, his third-consecutive Grammy win in three years. 

In an interview Morton said, “I was just starting really slow and working on rhythms. There was a rhythm I knew I wanted before I put any melody to it, it was just that, then it started to develop a little more. In 2021, I went out to a studio in Louisiana and that’s where I wrote it and finished it.” He further said, It’s really just going back to what I felt like I was going to lose. The fear and pain I were feeling caused me to beg her, the love of my love, to not walk away. That really inspired it and I wanted to express my vulnerability in that.”  

He released “Please Don’t Walk Away” in the same lineage of romantic R&B hits like “Say So,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” “First Began” and many more that have made him one of the most acclaimed and beloved artists in contemporary soul music.   

The star said that putting this single together was an organic process and he hoped people would listen to it and feel inspired. He further explains his latest single by saying, “I hope that people who are meant to be together and aren’t supposed to break up listen to this single will be inspired to give it another shot and try again. I hope it inspires people to listen to their emotions and be in touch with their emotions.” 

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