Aa Bhi Jaa: Another masterpiece announced by the singer of Chal Chalein 

aa bhi ja

Famous artist Swapnanil Bhadra’s association with GrooveNexus is growing. He is releasing yet another new song is releasing on May 26th called Aa Bhi Jaa via the brand’s name. This song talks about the sad reality that childhood love doesn’t always last in a successful marriage. It emphasizes the importance of personal freedom and engaging in positive activities. And talks about gathering the courage to walk away from anything that no longer serves to add positivity in life.

A Message:  

The song tells a story about a couple who try their best to save their relationship but face heartbreak. It portrays the journey from innocent childhood love to the complexities of married life, where the characters experience both happiness and sadness, leading to separation. Aa Bhi Jaa reminds us that being in a turbulent relationship, characterized by fights, disrespect, doubt, and disbelief, can have harmful consequences. Additionally, Swapnanil Bhadra wants to inspire listeners to focus on personal growth and engage in activities that bring positivity and fulfilment. 

About Swapnanil Bhadra:

Swapnanil Bhadra is a well-known singer, dance choreographer, composer, actor, and director in the entertainment industry. Coming from a musical family, his passion for singing and dancing has always been a driving force. Also, he has received numerous awards and recognition, including International Film Festival Awards and the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award, highlighting his talent and dedication. 

About the song and the artists:

Aa Bhi Jaa is a collaborative effort of talented artists. The beautiful composition and heartfelt lyrics are by Chandan Mandal who is a gifted music composer and lyricist. The song’s arrangement and programming are skillfully done by Bhaskar Koli. Meanwhile, Saikat Bhowmick’s expertise in mixing and mastering ensures a captivating listening experience for the audience. The song’s recording was at the renowned Lata Mangeshkar Studio in Mumbai, guided by recording engineer Niraj Yadav. 

The cast of Aa Bhi Jaa includes Swapnanil Bhadra, Vinay Prasad, Bhavna Borana, Divyaprasad Gawas, and Vanshika Saxena, who are all talented actors. Altogether, each of them has expressed their admiration for the song and the experience of working with Swapnanil Bhadra.  

In the words of the artists associated with the song: 

Swapnanil Bhadra: “It’s a very melodious and rhythmic song.” 

Vinay Prasad: “This song will be a turning point in my career. Thanks to Swapnanil Sir for giving me the chance.” 

Divyaprasad Gawas: “I was absolutely attracted by the song. Special thanks to Swapnanil Sir for believing in me and giving me the role.” 

Bhavna Borana: “Swapnanil Sir’s voice is so soothing, and the song is filled with emotions. I just love the song.” 

Chandan Mandal: “This song is very close to my heart, and Swapnanil sir’s voice is perfectly suited for it.” 

Also, Aa Bhi Jaa is a captivating melody, combined with powerful lyrics, serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges of love. Swapnanil Bhadra’s versatile talent and dedication to his craft shine brightly in this song. 

Don’t forget to catch the long-awaited release.  A peek into the beautifully written lyrics: 

“Kya bigadi baatein kabhi na banegi? 
Kya wo iraade kabhi na judenge? 
Kya pyar ek tarfa hi ab chalega? 
Bata de jara” 

Releasing here: GrooveNexus Records 

  • Song Name – Aa Bhi Jaa 
  • Singer: Swapnanil Bhadra 
  • Music Composer & Lyricist: Chandan Mandal 
  • Arranger & Programmer: Bhaskar Koli 
  • Mixing & Mastering: Saikat Bhowmick (The Vibration) 
  • Recorded By: Niraj Yadav 
  • Recording Studio: Lata Mangeshkar Studio, Mumbai 
  • Cast: Swapnanil Bhadra, Vinay Prasad, Bhavna Borana, Divyaprasad Gawas & Vanshika Saxena 

About Groovenexus: 

At Groovenexus Records, we believe in nurturing and empowering emerging artists, giving them the opportunity to gain visibility and recognition in the music industry. Our platform serves as a launchpad for talented musicians to showcase their unique styles, genres, and artistic visions.

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