Cherry Bullet joins metaverse platform Gemie as Gemstars to connect with K-pop fan

Cherry Bullet joins metaverse platform Gemie as Gemstars to connect with K-pop fan

Cherry Bullet is leveraging the celebrity metaverse platform and premium NFT marketplace, Gemie, to connect with its fan community, Lullet, in the virtual world. The K-pop group aims to build a closer connection with fans through interactive metaverse experiences and digital assets.

Since their 2019 debut, the energetic girl band Cherry Bullet has been delighting K-pop fans with bouncy melodies, addicting rhythms, and enchanting dance movements. Cherry Bullet has recently released the albums “Cherry Rush” and “Cherry Wish,” which have increased their popularity internationally and broken their previous sales records.

Joining Gemie is another audacious move that will enable the group to interact with fans utilizing Web3 technology. The group is constantly looking for new methods to interact with its fast-expanding fan base.

Thanks to the backing of some of the top investors in the fields and a staff with years of entertainment and gaming experience, Gemie’s team can integrate conventional entertainment players with Web3.

Gemie aims to become a one-stop platform that gives celebrities and creative people the options, instruments, and resources they require to achieve their virtual objectives. To provide fans with special perks and experiences, Gemie collaborates with famous partners to co-create NFTs and conduct virtual events in the metaverse.

Cherry Bullet said the group was excited to venture into the metaverse.

“We’ve been looking for new ways to connect with our community and tell them how much their support means to us. We think Web3 provides new ways to interact with our fans even though we’re not in the same place, but we’re not sure where to start, so Gemie is the perfect partner! We are excited to work with Gemie as their team has the capabilities to build the digital items and spaces we’re imagining. This is all very new to us, but we are excited to venture into the metaverse and want to invite all our fans to join us on this new journey!” the K-pop band said.

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