Sia announces spring 2024 release of ‘Reasonable Woman,’ her first solo pop album in eight years 


In a highly anticipated return to the music scene, pop sensation Sia has revealed that she is set to release her first solo pop album in eight years, titled ‘Reasonable Woman.’ Fans worldwide eagerly await the album’s arrival, scheduled for spring 2024. 

Sia, known for hits like ‘Unstoppable,’ has already treated her dedicated fan base to a taste of what’s to come. On Wednesday, September 13, 2023, she dropped her mesmerizing new single, ‘Gimme Love,’ providing a glimpse into the sonic journey that ‘Reasonable Woman’ promises to offer. 

The upcoming album will serve as a follow-up to her 2016 release, ‘This Is Acting,’ which included chart-topping tracks like ‘Cheap Thrills’ (originally penned for Rihanna), ‘Alive’ (originally written for Adele), and ‘Move Your Body’ (created for Shakira). 

In 2017, Sia surprised fans with the festive LP ‘Everyday Is Christmas,’ in 2021, she ventured into the world of film, releasing ‘Music – Songs from and Inspired by the Motion Picture.’ This album featured ten original tracks from her musical film ‘Music,’ a project in which she contributed musically and directed and co-wrote. 

Beyond her musical career, Sia recently revealed personal developments in her life. A few months ago, she shared that she had been diagnosed with autism, marking a significant revelation. In a candid conversation on ‘Rob Has a Podcast,’ she disclosed her journey towards self-discovery and acceptance, stating, “I’m on the spectrum, and I’m in recovery, and whatever – there’s a lot of things.” Sia expressed how embracing her true self and shedding the burden of secrecy had led to a transformative period in her life. 

This heartfelt revelation adds depth to Sia’s story and resonates with many who have faced similar challenges. Her upcoming album, ‘Reasonable Woman,’ is eagerly anticipated, not only for its musical excellence but also for the inspiring journey it represents. 

Sia did not specify when she received her autism diagnosis but emphasized the importance of embracing one’s authentic self. This message is sure to resonate with her devoted fan base and beyond. 

WATCH – Sia’s latest single GIMME LOVE 

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