Shailendra Singh celebrates Martin Garrix’s Birthday | Shared exclusive moments from his India journey

Shailendra Singh celebrates Martin Garrix’s Birthday

On the occasion of Martin Garrix’s Birthday, Mr. Shailendra Singh – Inceptor of Percept, Sunburn, Guestlist4Good took to his social media to share some exclusive moments from Martin’s India journey so far

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Mr. Shailendra and Martin Garrix met back in 2016 at a charity event. Martin Garrix at the time was crowned #1 DJ, and instead of taking time off to celebrate his win, he decided to return to India for a groundbreaking charity event, with a purpose – to educate Indian children.  

Over 40,000 people showed up to Martin Garrix’s charity event that took place on Nov 10 at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai. It was one of the largest dance music events to ever happen in the country and people came to see him perform and support his endeavor. Martin Garrix joined Shailendra Singh in presenting a donation check to Matthew Spacie, founder of Magic Bus. 

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“We couldn’t be more thankful to Martin Garrix and Shailendra,” said Matthew Spacie. “Through this donation, we will be able to support 10,000 children in communities all across India, in our program.” 

The next time Shailendra Singh and Martin Garrix met was on Oct 19, 2016, when Martin accepted Guestlist4Good invitation to come to India and perform for love. 

They both had a purpose and wanted to support as many Indian children as possible, to help them get an education. It was this purpose that made them meet each other.  3+ years since they met, and it shows how much the two respect each other and the kind of work they are doing.  

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