Claptone collaborates with Seal on new release ‘Just A Ghost’


This single comes as the lead new single from Claptone’s third studio album titled ‘Closer ‘, co-produced by Stuart Price and due for release on November 12. Of course, Claptone is one of the industry’s most talented and respected and well-loved music producers around. With an illustrious career with back-to-back releases, this single is one of his biggest releases till now, bringing the iconic Seal to the electronic music scene. This new single also marks the singer’s first song in six years, and Claptone says:  

“The deep sensuality in Seal’s voice has always kept me under its spell, and of course the mystique around his persona. No doubt the stars aligned when Seal and I were working on ‘Just A Ghost’ – his first original material in 6 years. By introducing him to the deep, emotive and powerful sound of Claptone my aim was to lead him back to his very own roots, to an electronic club infused but soulful sound. And I needed to do that without sacrificing the strong musical identity he built for himself over the past decades”.  

Upon hearing this new release, any edm music listener will truly be in loving with this coming together of this two music that Seal and Claptone give off within their respective work. Emotive and Soulful, this will certainly be heart touching at any live music show and one that the crowds will be singing the full song to. One of 2021’s most amazing song collaborations and a track that will become famous in no time, Listen to new song ‘Just A Ghost’ by Claptone and Seal now, and pre-save the full ‘Closer’ album here.  

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