Alesso’s latest single ‘Chasing Stars’ with Marshmello & James Bay


Alesso has teamed up with Marshmello and James Bay for his next release ‘Chasing Stars,’ his latest single like no other. The Grammy nominated producer has provided fans alike with a single destined for the very top, with each artist being at the top of their game for this latest collaboration. They look forward to capturing a dreamy nostalgic mood in ‘Chasing Stars’, which has all the right elements of reaching each listener’s soul while maintaining that uplifting tune.

Opening on a poignant, the song is leading to a heart-stopping drop by Bay’s piano performance, and then all set for both Alesso and Marshmello to take over by each other with their unique touch of folk-infused guitar work and driving beats.

Accompanying Alesso’s latest single, a wildly imaginative music video visualizes each of the feelings created whilst listening to ‘Chasing Stars.’

The song is shot in a video store, where Bay finds himself scanning through a stack of VHS tapes whilst at work and mesmerizing by the intimate scenes witnessed on each tape. With that Bay eventually quag into his memories shown on screen. Jake Jelicich showcases his emotions and eye for detail with the video store’s walls all plastered with posters of Alesso and Marshmello.

Listen to “Chasing Stars” everywhere now.

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