Indo-American Rock Artist Saahil Bhargava’s Debut EP ‘Ronin’

Indo-American Rock Artist Saahil Bhargava’s Debut EP ‘Ronin’

After completing his schooling in Mumbai, New York-born artist Saahil Bhargava headed out to a liberal arts college in 2012. He took some courses in music, astronomy, theater and film in Los Angles. Bhargava says “I wanted to learn about the world and understand how to think from different perspectives, which in many ways shaped how I write today.” 

Now with his shooling and so much passion, Bhargava’s debut EP Ronin features songs like “Kohima,”  inspired from the Battle of Kohima during World War II, when India’s soldiers were fighting Japanese forces at the behest of Great Britain. The slickly animated music video is co-created by Harmeet Rahal. The entire write up for the song is done by Bhargava himself which made it to the L.A. Shorts International Film Festival last month. 

Bhargava is familiar with alt-rock, post-hardrock and owns his forte as a multi-instrumentalist. He is trained in classical piano, jazz, rock and metal. “I got to musical theater in New York before I eventually settled on what I’m doing now, which is very story-driven rock,” he adds.  

Talking about “Ronin”, it seems straight out of a musical, swelling to a rock ballad that speaks formative. He adds, “I wrote it in 2019 when I came back from a visit to Osaka Castle in Japan. I think I was the only person who read every caption in their museum,”.

Ronin” is inspired by action-adventure game The Last Of Us

His introspective record also features additional guitar work by his mate and guitarist Keshav Dhar (from prog band). Dhar has also helped Bhargav in producing the album remotely through the course of the pandemic.  

Excited for his new upcomings, Bhargava shares he is going to release two singles soon this year. He states- “I’m working on a song right now that I actually wrote when I was in college, which I’m hoping will release later this year.” 

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