Rv Panesar’s new song Tere Naalo Sohna set to Premiere on GrooveNexus. 

RV Panesar – An Artist With Multiple Talents

Ranvir Singh, also known as Rv Panesar, has made a name for himself in the music world as a skilled Music Producer, lyricist, and musician who has worked in the entertainment business for more than 8 years. Rv has been in some popular songs, like “Pta ni Kyo,” released by GrooveNexus Records. Now, his second solo song, “Tere Naalo Sohna,” is all set to release via the same label. His love of music and dedication to getting better shows in every song makes him a rising star. 

“Tere Naalo Sohna” is releasing on 3rd July 2023 and will be available on the official YouTube channel of Groovenexus. 

“Tere Naalo Sohna” – An Inspired Love Song

“Tere Naalo Sohna” is a heart-rending love song based on the story of a long-lasting love between an old man and a woman. Even after years of being together, Rv Panesar was incredibly moved by how much they loved and cared for each other. The husband’s love touched Rv’s heart for his wife’s timeless beauty, and he wrote this song about it. 

Meet the Talent Behind the Creation

Song – Tere Naalo Sohna
Singer/Music/Lyrics – Rv Panesar 
Female Lead – Gunn Nagee  

Video – Mars Studio  

Edit /DI/ Colorist – Bhavuk Arora
Mix Master – Urban Singh
Mua – Upma Miglani  

Poster – Kamal K  

Project By – Kamal Arora  

Rv Panesar, the genius behind “Tere Naalo Sohna,” put his heart and soul into making the music, writing the touching words, and singing a mesmerizing version. The talented video production team at Mars Studio brought the beautiful love story to life with their work. 

The song is all about the emotions of love and romance.  

Bhavuk Arora’s video editing and colouring give altogether a different charm to the video. The sound quality of “Tere Naalo Sohna ” is crafted perfectly by Urban Singh’s skill as a sound engineer. Makeup artistry by Upma Miglani adds an extra charm to the music video because looks matter.  Kamal K’s image artistry captures the song’s spirit perfectly.  

Watch Here:

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