Roke Muskuraye by Kalrav Sarojwal: Expressing Unspoken Emotions with Grace  

Roke Muskuraye draws inspiration from a personal experience in Kalrav Sarojwal’s life. It reflects the story of holding onto a connection with someone for years, only to face heartbreak and rejection. Through heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, the song beautifully captures the complex emotions of sorrow and dejection. And the ability to smile despite the pain while gracefully accepting the reality of the situation. It portrays the internal struggle of carrying hidden burdens within one’s heart while outwardly maintaining a seemingly everyday life.   

With its raw honesty and relatable theme Roke Muskuraye resonates deeply with listeners, allowing them to connect with their own experiences of love, loss, and resilience.  

“Tera naam jab bhi likha,   

Tera naam likh ke roye   

Tujhe yaad fir se kiya,   

Usko meeta ke roye.”  

The above lines are from the upcoming song release Roke Muskuraye on 14th June. The song will premiere live on the official YouTube channel of GrooveNexus Records.  

Kalrav Sarojwal, the song’s singer, lyricist, and composer, pours his heart out in the lyrics. Also, the music, composed by him in collaboration with Tarun Sharma, encompasses urban and acoustic elements, leaving a lasting impression on the listeners.  

The perspectives of the artists associated with Roke Muskuraye 

“The song brings the vibes of urban lifestyle with a reality of most people going through. It is deep, heartful, and touching the story of almost everyone.”  

Kalrav Sarojwal

“The song has a deep meaning and is full of unspoken emotions. The music has urban and acoustic elements with a hook to be remembered.”   

Tarun Sharma

Who’s Who in Team Roke Muskuraye:   

Singer: Kalrav Sarojwal   

Lyrics: Kalrav Sarojwal   

Music: Kalrav Sarojwal / Tarun Sharma   

Music Producer: Tarun Sharma   

Primary Artist: Kalrav Sarojwal   

Kalrav Sarojwal’s musical journey:   

Kalrav Sarojwal, hailing from Delhi, has dedicated over a decade to the music industry, leaving an indelible mark with his soulful singing, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating compositions. Additionally, with a repertoire that includes numerous short films, ad commercials, and music albums, he continues to touch the hearts of his listeners.  

About GrooveNexus:  

At Groovenexus, we believe in nurturing and empowering emerging artists, allowing them to gain visibility and recognition in the music industry. Our platform is a launchpad for talented musicians to showcase their unique styles, genres, and artistic visions.   

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