Experience the Vibrant Lifestyle of Chandigarh with Dilraj’s Latest Song 

Dilraj, a new artist, will be launching his latest track called “Chandigarh” through GrooveNexus on May 12th. This contemporary pop song has a hip-hop touch that is likely to appeal to the younger generation. The track is a tribute to the young men who follow the Geri route in Chandigarh and showcases their daily routines and experiences in the city. 

With lyrics such as “Chandigarh yaarra di Puri chadie ah, gaddi modify Appa Thaar karayi ah,” Dilraj perfectly captures the essence of Chandigarh’s vibrant culture and lifestyle. The song also features the city’s iconic Sector 17 and Sector 22, where young boys stop to show off their modified cars and bikes. 

Dilraj, who moved to Australia from Punjab and later returned to visit Chandigarh, was inspired by his trip to create the song.  

“Music is for everyone. It connects and reflects the soul from inside,” – Dilraj 

The song’s music director, Surinder Jogia from Ludhiana, comes from a family of musicians in Pakistan. He has covered 500 devotional songs in Hindi and Punjabi and draws inspiration from the great AR Rehmaan. Jogia also makes short movies and music videos and was surfing the internet for popular songs when he discovered Sonia Sharma’s song “Banda Main Banadu” on GrooveNexus Records, leading him to connect with the label. 

Not only is “Chandigarh” a lively and enjoyable tune, but it also pays homage to the vibrant and exceptional culture of the city. Dilraj is just starting his career as a songwriter and vocalist, and he has many more Punjabi songs in the works. 

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Releasing Date: 12th May 2023.

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