Celebrating the spirit of music through Rajasthan Music Festival.

Are you a big-time fan of all the music festivals happening around the world? Are you bent on attending Tomorrowland or Coachella once in your lifetime? Though you definitely should, won’t you want a taste of how desi music festivals are like, boasting of indigenous cultural heritage along with the international flavor?

Rajasthan Music Festival

Indian dessert state Rajasthan has been hosting music festivals for a few years now and even fewer people know about these. Rajasthan, the city of culture, rich heritage, and festivity, has a lot to offer to music lovers. It hosts many Rajasthan music festival for the music lovers. A prominent city, Udaipur, also known as the city of lakes, signs different tunes altogether while hosting the fourth edition of Udaipur World Music fest. Organised by SHEHER, it bright global musicians together on the stage from countries like Iran, Spain, Brazil, France, Senegal, India, Italy and many others.

Rajasthan is land colors, food, culture, arts and language. Naturally music of every genre and Rajasthani gharanas, country prosper here and our richness in music prosper with them. Loaded with tones of music fests organized in the majestic state throughout the year, Covid -19 situation and lockdown has taken a toll on events and the entertainment industry. So has the music industry witnessed during this time.

We know how bad it feels when you are unable to attend any shows. That’s why we have handpicked some famous festival of Rajasthan and amazing music festivals in Rajasthan that you can attend after the pandemic situation is over. The wonderful experiences of these festivals are something one must have before leaving this life. These events and Rajasthan festival list are hosted in different cities of Rajasthan that has brought many nations, people of different ages, and walks of life giving you a once-in-a lifetime experience. Here’s presenting an amalgamated list of such indie beauties and Rajasthan music festival into your plate –

1. The Sacred

The Sacred

The Sacred festival features music from across sundry regions, meditation, workshops, yoga, food trails, and curated heritage walks in the ageless city at the Banks of Pushkar Lake in Pushkar. It is celebrated huge and is considered as one of the famous festivals of Rajasthan. It has a very enchanting line-up of the most talented classical music gems of our country and abroad. Bindhumalini & Vedanth, Bombay Jayashri, Debasmita Bhattacharya, Heather Lee, Nooran Sisters, Yulduz Turdiyeva are a few eminent people you’d get to hear the music from. This festival echoes spirituality and is consequently divided into three parts; Morning music, meditation and evening music. When the morning music is soul-soothing, the evening music is a soul-stirring experience in Rajasthan’s music festival – The Sacred.

2. Jodhpur RIFF

Jodhpur RIFF 1

RIFF or the Rajasthan International Folk Festival is one of Rajasthan’s most noteworthy folk festivals which takes place in Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. It began in 2007 under the international patronage of the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and H.H. Maharaja Gaj Singh II. Mostly held in the Blue City of Jodhpur, at the majestic 15th century Mehrangarh Fort which Rudyard Kipling referred to as “the work of angels, fairies and giants”. Jodhpur RIFF witness a gathering of more than 250 musicians and performers from both India and abroad. International artists with local musicians create mesmerizing new sounds by mixing their musical geniuses. UNESCO has labelled the festival as a “People’s Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development”.

The fest is timed to coincide with the brightest full moon of the year in north India, and tops on the international and national tourist’s list of festivals of Rajasthan. Enjoy the aura of Jodhpur in this beautiful Rajasthani festival. Artists tend to showcase their talents in folk music and hence RIFF is a famous Rajasthan folk music festival.

3. Udaipur Lantern Festival

Udaipur Lantern Festival

The biggest music-food festival of Udaipur is going to rock its patent city on Diwali. This beautiful city with lakes and green hills will witness the aura of enchanting music. It is celebrated to commemorate the pious festival of Diwali and takes place Shouryagarh Resort And Spa, Udaipur in the month of November. Udaipur Blog conceptualized and host one of the famous Rajasthan music festival – Udaipur LAtern Festival. It has seen start performers like Papon, DJ Kavish and Swaraag last year. We are gearing up for the line-up this year impatiently already.

4. NH7 Weekender

NH7 Weekender 1

This musical extravaganza takes place in Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Centre, Jaipur and doesn’t need any introduction. This multi-city music festival is conceptualized by ‘Only Much Louder Entertainment’ and happens to be one of the largest in India. One of the biggest music festivals line-ups for Jaipur, it is considered under one of the best Rajasthan music festivals where one can easily reach by train, bus or taxi or own convenience.

5. Ragastan

ragastan 1

Founded by Keith Menon, it has seen the unfaltering love of music enthusiasts and adrenaline-rush lovers. Rooted in the enormous dunes of the Thar desert is Asia’s very first desert camping festival. In its 3rd edition, Ragasthan dares you to go ‘been there, done that! Amidst, more than 40 artists from across genres baring their souls out through their musical connotations, you get to be the best of yourself. With a line-up that includes the likes of Man. Goes Human, The Pirates, Cowboy & Sailor Man is one of the many Rajasthan music festivals that one shouldn’t miss. Invariably, Rajasthan (the event) of Jaisalmer is the right spot and landscape to host a music festival. In this case, Ragasthan’s desert venue manages to create a truly unique experience for all who have attended it.

Three days of music, film and camping out amid folk music and tunes. In the three days, using camels as festival transport and dancing under the moonlit desert sky, life is an escape away from the bustling city. GrooveNexus gives a shoutout to the organizers for having the sheer tenacity of hosting such a music festival and smack dab in the middle of a desert hosting one of the magnificent Rajasthan music festival.

6. Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Fields

The Magnetic Fields festival takes place in Shekhawati. Magnetic Fields is globally recognized as a contemporary festival celebrating music and art. Consequently, it propels future-facing sounds from India and around the world. The primary objective of the festival is curating music. From including new sounds like folk music and jazz, and spaces like Magnetic Words (storytelling), Magnetic Fields has set the notch higher for any music festival in India. Therefore, is also counted among the world’s ‘best boutique’ festivals of Rajasthan.

7. Udaipur World Music Festival

Udaipur World Music Festival

Udaipur World Music Festival is hosted in Udaipur, the lake city of Rajasthan. These festive days will witness the magnificent performances of musicians from around the world. The 2nd edition of the festival is all set to thrill Udaipur and create new benchmarks in music. Organized by SEHER, this fest brings together maestros from more than 20 countries of the world. The festival is timed with the ending of winter and onset of spring. Therefore, to celebrate the vibrancy of Udaipur in spring. Look up to their space and stay updated for the information of other Rajasthan Music festival and catch hold of the vibrancy of the fest here.

8. World Sacred Spirit Festival

World Sacred Spirit Festival

This musical spectacle is mostly for the lovers of Sufi music which takes place in Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. You will witness Sufi poets illuminating the evenings with their enthralling pieces on love, life, and God, you will be sent on a spiritual journey towards self-discovery. Be intoxicated by live Ghazals, poems, Kafis that are legacies of Sufi maestros like Rumi, Hafiz, and Bulleh Shah. Tickets to this heart-stirring festivals will be out soon. Look up to this space henceforth, for updated information on the same. In short, just as the international festivals are creating a buzz among young music lovers, we Indians are doing our bit too. In other words, don’t miss out on these indie experiences before heading out to international fests. Indian music festivals are going beyond foreseen limits to give you an experience of a lifetime, specially the festival in Rajasthan are talk of the town in its industry.

9. Jaisalmer Music Festival

Jaisalmer Music Festival

It takes place in Jaisalmer & Sam Sand Dunes. Filled with fun and activities, it is a must visit fest of Rajasthan. With a lot of Cultural programs in Sam sand dunes. This music fest hosts DJ Nights, Folk dance, Folk music and Local Sightseeing followed by Bonfire in the camps. The mesmerizing view of music, night and bonfire has its own charm.

10. Music in the park

Music in the park

Jaipur has a Central Park, which is the city’s largest parks and is a popular jogging and bird watching site in the city. The park comes alive in night as well when world renowned artists come to perform here. Not to mention, local public enjoys the music and the aura. It happens mostly on the second Saturdays of every evening. Although it is not among the music festival in Rajasthan, looking at the situation, the world needs to be safe and attend events and fests from utmost safety. What could be the better way to maintain social distancing and attend music fests in open.

There’s just something mesmerising about sitting in the silence of the desert enjoying fests and chill breeze during night. Listening to the gentle sound of strings of sitar, and beautiful voice echoing through the sand dunes. With a lot of things happening in the city there’s no place like Rajasthan to witness music that too at Rajasthan main festivals.

Rajasthan has all forms of music, which one can witness in Rajasthani Music Festivals. Then no matter if it is the heart-racing beats of EDMs that makes you groove to the tunes or if it’s the overflowing emotions in the classical music which can make your heart leap. There’s always something for everyone who is a music lover here.

Furthermore, keep yourself hooked on to this space for many more upcoming blogs on music festivals happening in and around our country. So, obviously, stay tuned!

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