Sulafest 2019 – Dive into the Sula Vibe!

Sulafest 2019 - Dive into the Sula Vibe!

Sula Vineyards, ‘The Indian Wine Heaven’, hosts to its own wine themed festival every year. It allows all the wine lovers to enjoy and soak themselves in cool grapes and wine-related activities along with some banger music playing at the backdrop, non-stop.
The 12th edition, Sulafest started as an endeavor to establish a platform where Indian artists can showcase innate musical talents and create a platform for all Indian music fans. The 12th edition of the music festival took place between February 2nd-3rd and entailed quite a genre-blending line-up. Indian headliner Shankar Mahadevan, award-winning rapper Divine, Israel’s Lucille Crew, Reggae artists Forelock & Arawak, Austrian Electro-Funk band Mother’s Cake, as well as DJ Juliet Fox, Oona Dahl, and Nikhil Chinapa, performed among many more. Sulafest 2019, was a resounding success! The festival has been hurling waves in the scene ever since its inception. Sulafest 2019, just like always, lived up to the promises and left everyone hankering for the next.

Sulafest‘s layout, skillfully planned and executed, was such, that the pathway was filled with everything, from diverse activities to shopping. So, the crowd never experiences a dull moment. In addition to that, with a venue like Sula Vineyards, the sweet fragrance of wines filled the people with ecstasy.


When it comes to music, Sulafest has lots to offer. From an electric amalgamation of genres, instruments, artists, and styles, to three diverse stages for music lovers to enjoy a whole range of music, Sulafest boasts of all luxuries.

120+ musicians were lined up for Sulafest 2019, with over 100 Indian and international artists on the show. The bill features headlining sets by English modern soul musical collective Jungle making their India debut, Folk-fusion and Bollywood playback singer Shankar Mahadevan along with Mumbai-based Hip-hopper Divine.

International crew included Israeli groove collective Lucille Crew, gypsy group Hallouminati from the U.K., Reggae outfit Forelock & Arawak, as well as Austrian rockers Mother’s Cake. Indian performers included Paraphoniks, Nothing Anonymous, Electro Hip-Hop artist MALFNKTION and more. Furthermore, DJs such as America’s Oona Dahl, Sashanti from Russia, Germany-based Juliet Fox, and our very own Nikhil Chinapa and Ankytrixx were on the decks at the festival.


For those of you who relish sipping on wine, feasting on some lip-smacking food, along with some splendid music treating your ears, there will never be a place better than Sulafest in Nashik.
Apart from the music, attendees indulged not only in Sula wine from Nashik but also a wide selection from across the globe. Imagine a week chilling in a picturesque vineyard over the weekend amidst familiar music, wine, grape-stomping. What an experience, isn’t it? Additionally, international delicacies make you realize, ‘Dude! Heaven is here. Taking care of the attendees, were the foot massage sessions to keep them revitalized.

People also took part in the selection of quirky games conducted around the arenas. Sulafest 2019 had something for even the shopaholics to look forward to. The festival’s shopping alley had everything from crafts, clothes, jewelry, tattoos, also novelty items. At the flea market, one could easily find a range of junk jewelry, party props, fancy shoes, clutches, paintings, home decor, wooden toys, and of course all wine related accessories like wine racks and openers. Another recreational activity that caught attention was tarot card reading. The event also incorporated fire juggler sessions at night, movie marathons, drum circles by the campfire, and lots more exciting stuff to keep you on your toes and pretty tipsy.


The highlight of the Sulafest was, and always will undoubtedly be the wine. The organizers conduct special tours and tasting that required VIP tickets. Although they are a bit pricy than regular tickets, they come with a lot of perks. That includes access to VIP Dome and VIP Parking, gift vouchers, and two free glasses of wine. All the wine tasting takes place in the Tasting Room.

Apart from the in-house wines of Sula vineyard, the tasting included samples from wine partners of a particular edition of the Sulafest. Some of the wines from the Sula stable are Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Zinfandel, Blanc de Noir, and sparkling wine Brut Tropicale.


With breath-taking outdoor views, Let’s Camp Out made sure that everyone got a taste of luxury that vineyards offer. They set up tents just 300mts away from the amphitheater, where festival-goers can eat, sleep, rave, and repeat. For all those who wanted a lavish experience, had nothing to worry about, Taj and Ibis got them covered. They enjoyed a luxurious bed and a hot shower after a day of festival-going. Both the hotels, Taj’s The Gateway Hotel, Ambad, and Ibis Nashik, were about 30 minutes away from Sulafest. The cost of accommodation was not included in the Sulafest ticket.

V Resorts Soma Vine Village is situated 8 minutes away from the Sulafest vineyard Resorts. It also serves as a perfect base for you to explore the mesmeric Sulafest. Encircled by the Sahyadris, the resort is not only every wine-lovers’ dream-come-true but is also a great place to unwind.

Wait, but what if someone doesn’t enjoy wine?
Sulafest has a well-curated menu of other drinks from around the world by Sula Selections, that is the import arm of Sula. The brands offered included Asahi Super Dry Beer, Budweiser, Cointreau, Grants Reserve, Jagermeister, Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, William Grant and Sons, Stolichnaya vodka, Good Juicery, and Bisleri Water.

As well understood by now, Sulafest 2019 was an unparalleled experience and the host was perfect to the festival attendees. They made sure to create a unique atmosphere where the spirits never died down through the festival. Sulafest is a must if you want to witness a perfect blend of wine, food, art, and of course music.

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