The 10 Best Microphone Pop Filters for Recording Vocals

Have you ever purchased a microphone to discover that you need a pop filter immediately afterward? Do not be concerned; you are not alone! Regardless of whether you are recording audio in a studio, making a discourse for a digital broadcast in your workspace, or directing your work area for the record. Ensure you put resources into the best pop channel for your receiver type. They are fundamental to forestall p-pops, negating different plosives, and shield your receiver from spit and its destructive impacts.


If you record vocals, you may have noticed the ‘p’ and ‘s’ sounds recorded on the microphone when editing your vocal tracks. These are known as ‘plosive’ sounds and are produced when singing words beginning with ‘p’ and ‘b,’ making a popping sound due to gusts of air from the mouth hitting the microphone ribbon. We use a pop filter to filter out these plosive sounds from your recording. You can also learn how to mix vocals to upgrade your performance.

What is Pop Filter?

A pop filter is a layer of nylon or metal cross-section material that goes about as a safeguard between your mouth and the microphone.

Pop filters work by sifting through plosive sounds on the microphone types and keeping your mouthpiece in excellent working condition by maintaining salivation drops from coming to the interior mic lace.

Using a pop filter when recording songs through your microphone for a cleaner sound is the industry standard, and there are some excellent budget options, too.

What Does a Pop Filter Do?

A pop filter serves two purposes. Its primary goal is to eliminate the ‘popping’ noise in the microphone while singing or speaking. When we say words that contain ‘plosives,’ such as ‘people’ and ‘pain’ that have ‘p’ in the word, the sudden air pressure will overload the microphone. The same happens when someone laughs into the microphone. The air pressure will cause the microphone to pop.

So, pop filters are put before the microphone to dispose of this brisk air. Pop filters are generally appended to the microphone stand itself, so you’ll require a microphone stand as well. On the off chance that you have a web recording-styled table microphone stand, you will not have the option to connect the pop filter. The second motivation behind a pop filter is to keep the spit from entertainers from going into the microphone. This is an additional thumbs-up while utilizing a pop filter.

The 10 Best Pop Filters

Having the best recording equipment is becoming more critical in today’s digital era. Although a primary microphone would do, a pop filter will make all the difference in the world. So, here are the ten best pop filters microphone for recording vocals:

1. Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL

The Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL eschews nylon and other fabrics and uses a patented metal material to protect your microphone from unnecessary distortions. It is one of the few filters on the market designed to consider digital recording needs.


  • Six-inch screen.
  • 26.5-inch filter including gooseneck.
  • Clamp Range: 9 mm-23.5 mm.
  • 13-inch-long gooseneck.
Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL

2. Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter

If you want a single universal pop filter that fits and works well on different microphones, your search ends with the Blue Pop Universal Pop Filter. Its curved design and silver finish are very pleasing to look at, while the metal screen does a decent job of protecting your recordings from the harmful effects of plosives.


  • 11.7 ounces weight.
  • Metal frame and wire mesh grill screen.
  • The large-sized screen is compatible with all popular microphones.
Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter

3. Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD Studio Pop Filter

The Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD Studio Pop Filter has a conservative surface intended to follow the size of customarily utilized studio receivers. Its everything metal cross-section works hard of stifling plosives, while the plan provides you with an unmistakable perspective on your notes or music sheet without thinking twice about execution.


  • Weight: 9.6 ounces.
  • Gooseneck Length: 9 mm.
  • Easily washable full-metal screen and body.
Avantone PS 1 PRO SHIELD Studio Pop Filter

4. PEMOTECH Pop Filter

The PEMOTECH Pop Filter eschews the one-size-fits-all approach and is designed explicitly for microphones with diameters between 45mm and 63mm. This emphasis on design ensures that your recordings receive the best possible protection from plosives and other audio interference.


  • Six-inch screen diameter.
  • Total filter length of 26.5 inches.
  • Clamp range of 9 mm to 23.5 mm.
  • Gooseneck Length: 13 inches.

5. Nady MPF-6 6-Inch Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter

The Nady MPF-6 6-Inch Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter has a twofold cross-section screen that makes a superior showing of shielding your amplifier from spit and your sound accounts from clearly pops and plosives than a solitary lattice channel.


  • Six-inch screen diameter.
  • 13-inch gooseneck.
  • 4.5-inch bracket length and one-inch bracket width.
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces.
Nady MPF 6 6 Inch Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter

6. Samson PS01

You should not be surprised to see that the simple accessories rating outperforms the best pop filters. In this regard, you can pair the Samson PS01 with multiple microphones and still get efficiency. The Samson PS01 has an excellent pop filter with commendable results. Plus, you can connect a set of different microphones and still produce the required output.

The Samson PS01 features a framed fiber mesh, guaranteeing good coverage. Notably, the nylon material is part of its physical construction. Samson PS01 lasts longer due to the presence of a reliable and durable clamp.


  • Nylon mesh screen reduces vocal popping and sibilance.
  • Universal mics stand mounting bracket.
  • Flexible metal gooseneck.
  • Samson Audio (Author)
Samson PS01

7. Auphonix MPF-1

The Auphonix MPF-1 highlights a 6-inch width with a lattice screen covering both the back and the front. The entire bundle comprises an eBook for additional directions on accounts. The whole plan favors amateurs who are wandering into the recording industry.


  • Clear Sound- Minimize the post-production hassle of reducing pop sound with our Microphone Pop Filter. It has a double mesh layer to ensure a smooth recording free from distortion.
  • Sturdy – This mic pop filter has a flexible yet sturdy gooseneck holder to support the shield’s weight, allowing for simple set-and-forget placement.
  • Easy to Install- Attach the bottom of the mic filter to the microphone (up to 1.75″ thickness), adjust the gooseneck holder to fit between the mic and the sound source, and record.
Auphonix MPF 1

8. Stedman PS101

Unlike the nylon filter material, the Steadman PS101 has a metal screen. The louvered metal design will divert the explosive air downward. In the long run, this allows sound to pass through the microphone.

The Stedman PS101 will do an excellent job producing the desired vocal sound. The model is lightweight with less coverage.


  • Length: 20′
  • Screen diameter: 4.6′
  • Clamp opening diameter: .5
  • Weight: 5.8 oz.
Stedman PS101

9. Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper

The Shure PS-6 will reduce plosive sound by between 20dB and 30dB. This pop filter has quality material to filter noise at around 3dB at 8 kHz and 9 kHz speeds.

Loud singers are very much like the design of this pop filter. Plus, the Shure PS-6 is suitable for sensitive microphones that operate at high frequencies. The Shure PS-6 has a four-layer screen, with a 14-inch gooseneck and a 6-inch diameter.


  • Four-layer screen reduces audible “P and B” pops
  • Ultra-durable gooseneck for flexible positioning
  • Rugged mics stand clamp for secure mounting
  • For use with all Shure vocal microphones
Schure PS 6 Popper Stopper

10. Mudder Windscreen

Another high-quality product is available at a reasonable price! Mudder’s pop filter is the best for podcasting and is used in recording equipment. Mudder’s pop filter will accompany you during your lengthy podcast or recording sessions, allowing you to block out any annoying sounds simply.


  • Mic Cover
  • Material: Foam
  • Microphone Windscreen for Blue Yeti
Mudder Windscreen


Quality sound is something that recorders will want to have. The biggest challenge lies in the equipment used to achieve the desired results. Don’t worry if you are in such a trap.

The pop filters microphone listed above can provide a solution for your venture and inspire you to achieve your dreams. The write-up generously shared detailed information about them, making you choose the best microphone pop filter accessible.

If you find this blog helpful, you can read more about the best closed-back headphones and the best free guitar plugins.

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