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Apple Log Pro X Software

Apple took a huge step forward in the world of electronic music production by launching the Apple Logic Pro X. The Logic Pro X latest version offers professional-level audio editing for multitrack recording, scores for films, sound design and post-production at a great price. With the new addition of electronic music composition that is said to be non-linear, along with chopped live performances, the new 10.5 version is giving great competition to its rival digital audio workstations (DAW) available in the market. Logic Pro is the best Digital Audio Workstation and the number one choice for most professionals in music production as it won the Editor’s choice award. For those who want compatibility with other studios can also opt for Avid Pro Tools as well.


Apple Logic Pro X System requirements, Interface, Installation and Setup

As you must be aware that Apple Logic Pro X does not need any kind of hardware or software protection for copy, you can easily download it and run it seamlessly as long as you are signed in the apple store. You need to keep a free space of at 9 at least 72 GB to install all the instrument loops, packaged synths and effects. Apple MacBook is supported by Logic Pro X and another 56 processor threads. If you do not have a large setup, you can set the program to “only load plug-ins needed for project playback” which conserves power of CPU while working on huge projects. 1000 stereo tracks can be run in one project along with 1000 auxiliary tracks and 1000 instrument tracks and you can use up to 12 sends per channel strip. Apple always works below the surface to enhance performance of the system on fewer machines.

Live Loops, Step sequencer and Remix FX

Although it may seem that there hasn’t been much changed since the Apple logic Pro 10.3.1 version but there are some apparent modifications in the newer version which is 10.5. The library now consists of all the available media content and the transport is now located at the screen top. Track window is now at the top right where do all the editing and composing. The multi-mode window is now below the tracks, displaying piano roll, mixer, sample editor, and a score editor. The left and right pops up windows of track inspector, event list and the instrument library whenever required.

You can also spot new small icons at the top of the tracks section when you close the main interface. These small icons contain multitudes. You can open the live loops view when you click it, which consists of a whole new view of columns of cells for arranging and composing music in real time. You can drag samples, loops, and recorded audio into the grid in this view and then trigger different combinations of the cells in a non-linear way to experiment with them. The live loops will not insist on cutting and pasting regions in various tracks first or to the loop sections of tracks, unlike in tracks view.

Step Sequencer

This is by far the best addition to the apple logic pro X 10.5 as this step sequencer is also one of the best stock digital audio workstation step sequencer with its amazing combination of editing capabilities and user-friendliness. A MIDI editor can also be used for both live loops grid and track view as it doesn’t only sequence the beats but also generates automation for plugin parameter and melodic sequences.

It’s quite easy to change from 12-64 step values, and the sequencer then automatically adapts the new length from its existing pattern.

Each one of the sequencer row can make an infinite number of patterns as all of them have their own time signature, length and mode of playback (backward/forward, reverse). There are about a dozen modes for editing each step along with gate, velocity, offset, transpose and especially note repeat which is the best of all as it applied up to 16 repetitions per step which makes it easy for you to create patterns of trap style and other variations rhythmically restricted within a 4/4 pattern. You also get randomization for every edit mode as well. All in all, the step sequencer is a tacking machine that is both fun and productive at the same time. Although, the Logic Remote App doesn’t operate the step sequencer, yet which is odd because adding the step sequencer will eventually amplify and enhance the workflow more than before.

Drum Machine Designer and Drum Machine

The all-new drum synth may not be any groundbreaking addition, but it fills a void compared to other instruments such as Ableton Live and NI Machine as it gives a quick and easy way of dialing in synthesized sound drums as per your taste. It comes with a number of presets such as snares, kicks, cymbals, claps, hats, and other different percussions with timbre-shaping necessities such as tone, pitch, decay, and others.

The newly improved DMD (drum machine designer) is tied into the drum synth, whose 64 drum pads usually host a quick sampler instrument or a drum synth along with the embedded controls for editing and also host plugins from third-party. A mixer track or a DMD can unveil individual tracks for all the sounds and audio embedded. They also work well with the step sequencer.

Sampler for Sampling

Apple used their creativity to its full potential when they named the new sampler instrument and used it to redesign the sleek new replacement to EXS24 sampler with a more mainstream and automated workflow and capabilities for upgraded synthesis. But the sampler can still save files with an extension .exs which are also compatible with all EXS24 instruments.

Making multisampling instruments is a seamless process as you have to drag many samples into the mapping area. The sampler modifies the size and number of keyboard zones as you hover over that area. This is a time saving and smart process. It helps set up the keyboard mapping along with multiple samples with every key along with velocity ranging for creating more than one group for each sampler instrument, multiple zones for each group, and triggering samples. And you also have full control over the start and endpoints of sample’s note, crossfades, loop ranges and much more in the one-window sampler zone area.

The improved synthesis of the Sampler consists of a huge section of filter types with a lot of synths that are modelled off of classic ones and two of them are from flagship Alchemy synth of the Logic pro along with blending. The broad Matrix for Mod section is leaving no stone unturned for redesigning the modulators creatively.

Wrap Up

Apple Logic Pro X is by far one of the best DAWs available out there and its comprehensive set of features and specifications make it worth all the dollars you spend on it.

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