Multifaceted Charisma of Jay B: From GOT7 Leader to Solo Artist

Stage Name: Jay B (Formerly known as JB (제이비) 
Birth Name: Im Jae Bum (임재범) 
Birthday: January 6, 1994 
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn 
Nationality: Korean 
Height:  179 cm (5’10” 1/2)
Weight:  70 kg (154 lbs)
Blood Type:  A

K-pop has taken the world by storm, introducing us to a multitude of talented artists who bring music, dance, and charisma to our screens and stages. One such artist who has left an indelible mark on the industry is Im Jae Bum, better known by his stage name Jay B. Formerly the leader of the iconic K-pop group GOT7, Jay B has embarked on a remarkable journey from his early days as a JYP trainee to becoming a solo sensation. In this blog, we will delve into the life and career of Jay B, exploring his background, interests, and achievements. 

Early Life and Entry into the World of K-Pop 

Jay B was born on January 6, 1994, under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, in Goyang city, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Despite his tough exterior, Jay B has a sensitive side, likely shaped by his family’s experiences. His parents divorced due to his father’s drinking issues, and he was raised by his mother and stepfather. This challenging upbringing helped mold his chic personality and gave him the strength to pursue his dreams relentlessly. 

Jay B’s journey in the world of K-pop began when he became a JYP trainee in 2009, following a remarkable victory at a JYP Open Audition, which he shared with fellow GOT7 member Jinyoung. His path to stardom was no walk in the park; he dedicated 2.5 years of rigorous training before his debut. 

A Man of Many Talents 

Jay B’s multifaceted talents extend beyond the stage. He is a skilled b-boy, displaying his agility and creativity through dance. He is also a musician at heart, with a penchant for playing the piano and creating his own music. His passion for music is evident in his smile, as he truly comes alive when he’s immersed in melodies. 

When he’s not making music, Jay B enjoys watching movies, taking photographs, traveling to new places, savoring outdoor meals, and collecting shoes. He has a particular affinity for basketball and football, highlighting his love for sports. His wide array of hobbies reflects his vibrant and dynamic personality. 

Personal Life and Relationships 

One aspect of Jay B’s life that fans have been curious about is his dating life. On July 7, 2022, it was announced that Jay B had been dating special effects artist and YouTuber PURE.D (Kim Do Hyun) for 9 months. However, love can be unpredictable, and on February 10, 2023, it was reported that the couple decided to part ways after dating for over a year. Despite the ups and downs of relationships, Jay B remains focused on his career and personal growth. 

Solo Career and Artistic Endeavors 

In the K-pop industry, artists often seek to explore their individuality, and Jay B is no exception. After his contract with JYP Entertainment expired on January 19, 2021, he made the bold decision not to renew, opening the door to new opportunities as a solo artist. 

Jay B Solo 

On May 11, 2021, Jay B made a significant move by signing with H1GHR MUSIC, a decision that paved the way for his solo journey to flourish. His transition from a group dynamic to a solo career has allowed him to express his unique musical style and creativity. 

Jay B is also a fixed member of tvN’s program “Prison Life of Fools,” where fans get to see his charismatic and humorous side as he interacts with other celebrities. His magnetic personality shines through, making him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. 

A Musical Maven 

One of Jay B’s remarkable achievements is his involvement in composing and writing lyrics for GOT7’s hit tracks, including “You Are” and “LOOK.” His contributions to the group’s music showcase his prowess as a musician and his dedication to the craft. 

His love for music extends to his SoundCloud account, where he has posted several songs produced under his alias “Defsoul.” Collaborating with JOMALONE on some tracks, he continues to create and share his music with the world. 

The Ever-Evolving Jay B 

Jay B’s career is a testament to his determination, versatility, and commitment to his craft. From his days as a JYP trainee to his role as the leader of GOT7 and now as a solo artist, he has constantly pushed boundaries and grown as an artist. 

As Jay B continues to evolve and explore new avenues in his career, fans eagerly await his future projects and musical endeavors. Whether he’s on stage, in front of the camera, or creating music behind the scenes, Jay B’s charisma and talent will undoubtedly captivate audiences around the world. 


In conclusion, Jay B’s journey in the K-pop industry is a remarkable tale of passion, resilience, and artistic growth. From his beginnings as a trainee to his status as a solo sensation, he has left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide. As he navigates the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry, one thing remains clear: Jay B’s star will continue to shine brightly, illuminating the world of K-pop and beyond. 


1. How did Jay B enter the K-pop industry?

Jay B began his journey in the K-pop industry in 2009 when he became a JYP trainee. He won first place at a JYP Open Audition, sharing the top spot with fellow GOT7 member Jinyoung. He trained for 2.5 years before making his debut.

2. What are Jay B’s special talents and hobbies?

Jay B is a skilled b-boy and has a passion for playing the piano. He enjoys watching movies, taking photographs, traveling, eating out, collecting shoes, and playing basketball and football.

3. Can you provide information about Jay B’s solo career?

After his contract with JYP Entertainment expired in 2021, Jay B made the decision not to renew and signed with H1GHR MUSIC. This move allowed him to pursue his solo career, where he could showcase his unique musical style and creativity.

4. What are some of Jay B’s notable achievements as a musician?

Jay B is known for his contributions to GOT7’s music, having composed and written lyrics for hit tracks like “You Are” and “LOOK.” He also shares his music on SoundCloud under the alias “Defsoul” and collaborates with other artists.

5. Has Jay B been involved in any TV programs or shows?

Yes, Jay B is a fixed member of tvN’s program “Prison Life of Fools,” where fans can see his charismatic and humorous side as he interacts with other celebrities.

6. Can you tell me about Jay B’s dating life?

Jay B dated special effects artist and YouTuber PURE.D (Kim Do Hyun) for 9 months, but they decided to part ways in February 2023.

7. What is Jay B’s ideal type?

Jay B’s ideal type is described as a cute girl who catches his attention.

8. What is Jay B’s status in the entertainment industry?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Jay B had signed with H1GHR MUSIC and was pursuing his solo career. However, please note that his career may have evolved since then, so it’s a good idea to check the latest news and updates to stay informed about his current activities.

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