Facts you didn’t know about Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Fun Facts about Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a famous singer in the United States and a songwriter. Her lucky number is 13. She loves this number so much that it influences her big deal for the stuff she does. Taylor Swift was born on December 13, and she turned 13 on Friday 13. Her first album went superhit in 13 weeks. She also paints 13 on her hand before doing any song realty shows. Taylor Swift believes in 13 so much that she thinks that whenever 13 comes into her life, it is a good sign for her. She lived on a Christmas tree farm.

10 interesting facts about Taylor Swift

1. Her unique way to celebrate Christmas

Taylor Swift spent her day on a Christmas tree, she revealed in an interview with Esquire.

2. She used to act on a broadway

Before she headed into the world of music, Taylor Swift facts, he travelled to New York for vocal and acting lessons and dreamt of auctioning for broadway. When she was growing up in Pennsylvania, auditioning for broadway was my dream. She went to several auditions in New York. After not getting any work, she started writing songs for Hollywood music, but she never lost her love for theatre.

3. Taylor Swift tried her hand at country music

Her early attempts to break into the country music were unsuccessful before she became the sensation that she is today.

4. She wrote her first song at 11

When she was 11, Taylor Swift wrote her first song, ‘Lucky you’. With the local musician Ronnie Cremer who taught her to play the guitar.

5. Swift Taylor made her acting debut in CSI

Swift Taylor made her acting debut in the 2009 episode of CSI, playing rebellious teenager Haley Jones.

6. Swift Taylor played a role in the movie Hannah Montana

The movie Swift Taylor had played a vital role in the film Hannah Montana: The Movie. The singer also wrote songs for the film. Swift Taylor has acted in the other films, too, like valentine’s day and the Giver.

7. She also wrote a song on speak now

Taylor Swift facts, she wrote every song on Speak now, which ranked number 1 on the billboard 200 chart. This is the only song for which she has received sole credit for the music being written.

8. Taylor describes her first pop album

Taylor Swift facts, her first album was released in 1989, in which she sheds her country roots as her first documented pop album. Seven singles were released from the record. Seven singles were released, like shake it off and Bad blood.

9. She won 10 Grammy awards

Taylor Swift has won 10 Grammy awards, including twice winning the year’s album, making her the first woman to do so. Taylor Swift’s net worth is $80 million.

10. Taylor has sold 40 million albums worldwide

Taylor Swift facts, she has sold 40 million albums worldwide, making her one of the best selling artists, and 130 million downloads.

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