How Nicole Moudaber Became a British radio artist?

Nicole Moudaber

Nicole Moudaber is a famous name in the DJing world that doesn’t need any work or introduction. But do you know that Nicole Moudaber, the best female DJ, has a lot of other talents as well? She is a renowned radio personality who hosts a popular radio show – In The Mood. She is also the owner of Imprint Mood Records. Besides that, she is a Lebanese/ British event promoter too. Nicole is indeed a multi-talented personality.

Who is Nicole Moudaber?

Nicole Moudaber’s birthday falls on the 19th of January, being born in the year 1977 in Nigeria, where she did her schooling too. Nicole Moudaber, the best female DJ, started working from a very young age. Her first work was during the 1990s, when she used to promote different dance parties in Beirut, Lebanon. After that, she moved to London, where she started her journey as a DJ.

Nicole Moudaber, the best female DJ, is a worldwide known personality. In 2007, she met with Carl Cox and signed with a famous record label, namely Intec. After that, she released ‘Belief’ in 2009. When she started featuring on the weekly radio broadcast of The Mood Radio in 2014, the show broke all records. It featured across 50 different countries and approximately 70 other radio stations. Another achievement for her is that she is the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) ambassador.

What are the achievements of DJ Nicole Moudaber?

Currently, Nicole Moudaber’s age is only 46 years. But, she had achieved quite a lot and set a benchmark for all the DJs with her achievements.

She won many international awards, as follows –

  • Best Minimal/Techno Track 2012 for “Chemistry (Nicole Moudaber Remix) – Carl Cox” – Intec
  • Best Tech House/Techno Track 2016 for Giv Me Luv (Nicole Moudaber Remix) – Alcatraz
  • Overall winner, Best Online Music Show 2016, ‘In The Mood Radio’
  • Also, she got nominated for many awards too. Though she could not win them all, nomination for these categories itself meant a lot. She has been nominated for Best Techno DJ four times, a rare occurrence for any DJ professional.

How old is Nicole Moudaber?

Nicole Moudaber, the best female DJ, was born in the year 1977, on the 19th of January. Her birth town is Lagos, a small place in Nigeria.

Nicole Moudaber tracklist

Nicole Moudaber believes in constant working and achieving different levels every time. As a DJ and producer, she started her career in the late 2000s, and her genre is Deep House, Dance/ Electronic. She started getting famous instantly and caught the attention of Carl Cox. After that, she started getting big projects one by one. In 2009, the famous Carl Cox also addressed Nicole Moudaber as the best female DJ and dance music’s most underrated DJ. This multi-talented personality has a tracklist of more than 1000 songs.

Some of her famous all-time favorite tracklists are as follows –

  • See You Next Tuesday – Danny Tenaglia’s Return to Twilo Mix
  • Pepper Shake
  • Love Someone Else
  • The Volume
  • Big Dipper
  • Bubble Ride
  • Dead Weight – Nicole Moudaber Remix
  • What Was
  • Your Attention – Nicole Moudaber Remix
  • What Is

Her breakthrough albums Include and Believe are still massive hits.

What are the different magazines that featured Nicole Moudaber?

Nicole was featured in the cover stories of different famous magazines for her exceptional out-of-the-box DJing and production work. Some of those famous magazines are – Dancing Astronaut, CNN, Paper Magazines, MixMag, Billboard, New York Times, DJ Mag, etc.

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