DJ Marshmello = DJ Dotcom = Christopher Comstock


Christopher Comstock, better known by his stage name Marshmello, is an American DJ and producer of electronic music. Initially, his remixes of Jack Ü and Zedd’s songs were what made him a household name. The most popular Marshmello songs Alone, Wolves, and Friends became multi-platinum sellers and topped the charts in 2004. Continue reading as we have prepared a concise Marshmello biography that will help you know the star DJ better.

Who is Marshmello?

If you really want to know who Marshmello is, perhaps Chris Comstock is the answer. DJ Marshmello’s childhood and early years are unknown. Chris Comstock is perhaps the Marshmello face, and it is a mystery whether it is indeed Marshmello’s real name, as many people and media outlets believe. Michael Marshmello (born Christopher Comstock on May 19, 1992) is an American DJ and record producer.

In the course of his career

When DJ Marshmello first started his journey, he gave up free music on SoundCloud. He began performing in front of large crowds across the United States. DJ Zedd and the American DJ duo Jack Ü featured on his remixes, earning him overnight fame.

As a tribute to Canadian DJ DeadMau5, DJ Marshmello wears a white marshmallow mask over his face at all public appearances. The DJ has remained anonymous throughout his career. Forbes discovered Christopher Comstock’s true identity in 2017.

Joytime, his debut album, came out in January 2016 and included the top-charting singles Keep It Mello and Alone. As if that wasn’t enough, after Chasing Colors, he released Twinbow and Moving On.
Marshmello and Khalid collaborated on the smash hit “Silence” in 2017; the song went platinum and multi-platinum around the world.

On “Wolves,” he collaborated with Selena Gomez, making it his most popular song.
“Friends,” his duet with British singer Anne-Marie, was released in 2018, as was “Joytime II” later that year. One of the album’s most popular songs, “Tell Me,” is featured on the album. DJ’s highest-charting hit was “Happier,” released later that year.
DJ Marshmello’s career has evolved beyond DJing. According to Christopher’s Instagram stats, he has over 23.3 million followers on TikTok and over 53.8 million on YouTube.

“Gaming with Marshmello” and “Cooking with Marshmello” are two of Marshmello’s YouTube series that incorporate cooking and gaming tutorials for his fans.
DJ Marshmello was one of the highest-paid DJs in 2017, according to Forbes. Between June 2016 and June 2017, he earned $21 million.

The Best Pieces

With American artist Khalid and American singer Selena Gomez, he released two platinum-selling singles in 2017: “Silence” and “Wolves.” With the help of British vocalist Anne-Marie, he released the platinum-certified hit “Friends” in 2018.

Achievements & Accolades

As one of the world’s fastest-rising DJs, Forbes magazine estimates DJ Marshmello’s royalty income in 2017 alone at $21 million. He also won the “Highest New Entry” prize from DJ Mag in 2016. In 2017, his remix of British singer Anne-Marie’s “Alarm” won the “Remix awards” for ‘Best usage of Vocal.’

His Own Story

Nothing about his private life is known to the public, and his true identity remains a mystery, even though numerous prominent media outlets and journalists have confirmed that he is Chris Comstock, aka DJ ‘Dotcom.’

Is Marshmello a rich man?

Marshmello net worth is still unknown. However, on Celebrity Net Worth, Chris Comstock’s net worth is listed at $40 million dollars.
He has spent his entire career hidden behind the mask and still managed to make an outstanding fortune. To remain in the same industry and become one of the world’s wealthiest DJs for such a long time is quite incredible!!!

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