DJ BROID from Indian diamond city – Surat

DJ BROID from Indian diamond city – Surat
NAME Birju Mahendra
GENRE Trance.
CONTACT NO 9879671961
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Birju Mahendra Aka DJ BROID, is a native of the did city “Surat”. Born in 1972 on 21st March, he hails from a middle-class family. He hails from a middle-class indian family. He aspires to bring everybody to the dance floor with big trance tunes. His sibling and dad have a taste for classical music, including Thumri, Gazal, and conventional Indian ragas, which were considered during the Maharaja era.   

He has studied science to become a master’s in physics, doing MCA LEFT IN MIDDLE. He left his studies in the mid and became Surat cable distributor. After trying his hands in many businesses like tech, chemical set up, dyes, colors, jari coatings, and so on, he is finally pursuing his passion in music, especially in the trance genre. He is the biggest fan of “Armin van Buuren” – A state of trance, Global DJ Broadcast and never missed any episode since 1997. BROID never misses Goa’s ‘Sunburn’ festival or ASOT (A STATE OF TRANCE) which is held in Mumbai.   

BROID makes his own radio shows as the “TRANCE ON AIR” series by pursuing his passion for music. So far, he has reached till 62nd episode.   

With a simple principle of ‘live and let live,’ he wants to help the poor, hungry, needy, and blind.   

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