Top Belgian DJ Producer- Charlotte de Witte

DJ Charlotte de Witte

If you are someone who keeps track of international Techno music, or just someone who is a devoted fan of Techno music then you must know the Legendary Charlotte de Witte. She is one of the most popular as well as hardest working DJs you would ever see. Her talents are not limited to one genre, she’s been considered a genius in electro as well underground music too. She has some great awards in her career and has become someone that has named this industry and cannot be thrown around anymore.

Charlotte de Witte’s Birth & Early life

Born on 21st June, 1992, her mother’s name was Isabelle de Witte and her father’s details are unknown. Charlotte de Witte was born in Evergem, Belgium and has always been attracted to the melody. Even before her teenage years, she has been a fan of Lais which was the folk group in Belgian. She was a great fan of rock music until she found electronic music and became obsessed with it. After high school, there was no looking back in charlotte de Witte’s mind. She started looking for virtual DJs and centres where she can play. Her Net worth has been estimated as around a million dollars to date.


Charlotte de Witte started her now successful career by exploring nightclubs, she was first said to explore Ghent’s underground nightclub. Her career is rather new as she started her journey only in 2010 under the name Raving George, an alias. Her career skyrocketed when she won a very famous DJ contest called Studio Brussel, after then she became quite popular. She then got a chance to perform at Tomorrowland.

Her first EP was released in 2013, followed by other great Eps in the year 2015, which were considered major hits. The Alias she used was dropped the same year and then on she embraced her own name. she went on to release successful EPs in the years 2016 and 2017 as well as performed in a number of festivals including Junction 2 festivals. There were many people at these festivals in Charlotte de Witte’s merch, supporting her in every way they can.

Charlotte de Witte’s tours have been widely popular. People from all around the world travel to see her shows. She launched her own label in the year 2019, named KNTXT. Many Artists have signed under this label some of which is Chris Liebling, Monoloc etc. Since her career has taken off, she has continued performing in Tomorrowland every year, including in 2020.

Personal Life

Not much is known about her personal life. In curiosity many would want to know who is Charlotte de Witte’s Husband, we can tell you that much. On February 5th, this year she announced that she was engaged. Her fiancé is an Italian DJ as well producer named Sangiullano.

Awards and achievements

Charlotte de Witte was nominated for Best Techno artist in the 2018 DJ awards which she couldn’t win however in the 2019 DJ awards, she was the techno award.

Her position has been going up in the DJ Mag’s list of top 100 DJs, where she was ranked 74 in 2019, followed by 32 in 2020 and currently she’s at 23rd.

She bas been number one in the DJs Mag alternative top 100 DJs, for the past two years.
She also won best techno female artist in 2019 and 2020 in the international dance music awards.
Here is everything you should know about our top DJ female Charlotte De Witte!

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