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Rohan Nagi
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  • Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop
  • Location: India


Born in India but raised primarily in the US, Rohan's first foray into music came in 2004 when he moved from Texas to New York. Influenced by the storied hip-hop culture of NYC, Rohan began creating beats on his computer, mixing popular tracks of the time. Learning as he progressed, he expanded his musical taste, sampling from varied genres, such as Jazz, R&B, Funk, Classical, Rock, and World. Noting a deep passion for lyricism, he began rapping in High School and carried that with him to Northeastern University in Boston. That's where he began collaborating and performing with other producers and artists in and around the Boston area. He's since worked with everyone from nation-touring, cross-genre indie acts to Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning songwriters, producers, and artists.Today, after having lived and traveled around the world, Rohan loves working with artists across genres, helping them find their sound and look.

He also engages in marketing artists and their works, and in providing commentary on the state of the music industry and the artists within. When he's not in work-mode, you can catch him shooting hoops, bopping to an eclectic collection of music, and/or jetting off to a new country/culture to explore.

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