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  • Genre: Commercial House, Dutch House, Progressive House, Bigroom, Electro House, Trap
  • Location: NEW DELHI
  • Instrument: CDJ2000NXS2, DJM900NXS2,CDJ2000NXS, DJM900NXS, DJM2000NXS, XDJ1000, DJM450, VSTs, Keyboard, DAW (Ableton).


I am Anubhav Ukil, a.k.a CHOKSTAR. I always had a passion for Music. I learned Classical music up to a certain level in childhood. Later, I joined IIT Delhi to do my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. I am still a student. After joining IIT, I actually thought of pursuing Music more and more. I discovered that songs can be made with nothing but just a computer and it literally blew my mind. I started learning EDM and also started learning DJing by watching YouTube videos. I have learned for like 2 years and now I think it's the time to start doing gigs. Recently, I went to IIT Roorkee for the 3rd Inter IIT Cultural meet and came 1st Runners up in the DJ battle. Later I have joined SkratchDJ academy this February, 2019. I am looking forward to do more.


I am just starting out, I don't have many Gigs. I went to Inter IIT Cult meet, Roorkee and came 1st runners up in DJ battle. I am planning to do shows really soon. Here is a link to my practice session at SkratchDJ.



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