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Ajit Jejurikar
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  • Genre: Metal/Rock/Blues/Bollywood
  • Location: New Delhi
  • Instrument: Guitarist/Music Producer/Audio Engineer/Drummer


Ajit Jejurikar is a Delhi based multi-instrumentalist who also produces for many Metal bands from the capital. He has been playing guitar since 2008 and developed an interest in audio production in 2010.He started playing with his second band called 'The Aphids' in early 2012. They played in numerous college competitions throughout India and won many of them. Due to separate interests, 'The Aphids' dissolved but soon a new project took initiation, the new project 'Passages' is Ajit's current band. Passages released an EP titled ‘Rendition’ in June, 2015, and are working on a full length release at the moment. While producing he started playing drums and bass which helps him in the studio and gives him an edge over other audio producers. He works for two progressive metal/rock bands, Passages & Magnum Opus and released a self produced debut EP, 'Rendition' in 2015. Ajit was endorsed by some of the leading companies in the music industry such as ESP LTD Guitars, D'addario Strings and Planet Waves Accessories. After releasing 'Rendition', Passages played a number of gigs throughout the country in support of their debut EP album. In 2017, he along with his partners founded ‘Piezo Studios’, a music education institute/studio situated in Delhi NCR with the vision of sharing music with others. Currently Ajit handles most of the studio duties, as the inclination towards the recording side has always been more for him. Having hours of experience in the studio as a recording engineer and artist, really helps the full band achieve the type of sound artists are looking for. Ajit is the Director of Piezo Audio, a recording studio run under Piezo Studios LLP in Delhi NCR region.


  • Zoneout featuring Passages - Indigo Live Music, Bangalore - 13th November, 2016
  • New Wave Asia Musicfest - Antisocial, Hkv, New Delhi - 17th December, 2016
  • Zygnema Album Launch + Passages EP Launch - Out Of the Box, New Delhi - 17th June, 2015
  • Brutal Fest - Jam room, Indore - 4th July, 2015
  • Harley Rock Riders - Classic Rock Coffee Co, Pune -17th October, 2015
  • Art of Metal Vol. 1 - Cafe Blues - 17th December, 2015
  • Metal Nights - Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai - 28th August, 2016
  • Progworks on Wheels - Antisocial, New Delhi - 14th October, 2016

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