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The moment we start talking about EDM in India, everything in the conversation starts and ends with people like Nucleya, Anish Sood, Zaeden, (read about these stars here) so on and so forth. But, what about the underrated Indian EDM artists?

The struggle of underrated Indian EDM artists face is real. They are working equally hard, perhaps more, producing amazing tracks but their recognition is very low.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top underrated Indian EDM artists who are doing well enough to catch the crowd’s attention. They might not be a bright star yet, but their well-furnished skills and appropriate artist branding techniques will take them places.

Top 8 Underrated Indian EDM Artist
  • Xirex
    Picture Source: Facebook

    Xirex is the solo project of Eric Xavier, a New Delhi-based DJ and producer. He has performed for Road and Ultra: Chennai, alongside Mykris (Ultra’s Resident DJ) and also at sunburn for Sam Feldt. Now, the resident DJ at Sera Lounge (Chennai), he’s one to look out for.

    Socials – Facebook // Soundcloud // Mixcloud

  • Arsenik
    Picture Source: Facebook

    Shubham Mehtaa a.k.a. Arsenik is a Delhi-based artist whose dominant genres are Hip Hop, Trap, House, and Oldschool. He is a part of Arsenik and Scrawals

     and together they’ve performed at Sunburn Bareilly. He has also performed in Doha at one of the most popular clubs.

    Socials – Facebook // Soundcloud // 

  • DJ Gags
    Picture Source: Facebook

    Delhi-based Gagan is mixing and playing for over 13 years now. His dominant genres are Old School, Hip-Hop, Commercial house, Electro house, Reggae, Pop, Retro, Jive, Latino, & Drum n Bass. He has opened for artists like Jay Sean, DJ Aqeel, DJ Suketu, Bombay Rockers, and Hard Kaur. He is known for his outstanding demonstration of techniques such as scratching and beat juggling.
    Socials – Facebook // Soundcloud // YouTube


    Picture Source: Facebook

    Delhi-based DJ and music producer duo Ravi Rudra Singh and Inderjeet (Jay) Singh are making some fabulous music in the EDM industry today. They have opened for artists like Terrazak, Progressive Brothers, Twin Rave, DJ Ray, Garmiani, Switchers, UpsideDown etc. The duo does all the work from designing their graphics to sound design. Their dominant genre of choice is Trap
    Socials – Facebook // Soundcloud // Spotify

  • Exult Yowl
    Picture Source: Facebook

    With more than 14k followers on Facebook, Niloy Tiwari a.k.a. Exult Yowl is a New Delhi-based DJ, music producer, and dancer. An intern with Lost Stories Academy and Grapevine Co. He is an exuberant music artist who has also worked with Sunburn Festival. We are looking forward to his great mixes!

    Socials – Facebook // Soundcloud // YouTube

    Picture Source: Facebook

    Shikhar Singh is an 18-year-old EDM prodigy, hailing from Delhi. He is supported by the likes of Jaxx & Vega, TWIIG, Joey Dale, Juicy M, R3SPAWN, Yves V, MOTi and several others. He finds inspiration from Husman. With a followership of 1.5k on Facebook, he is definitely one among the underrated Indian EDM artists.

    SocialsFacebook // Soundcloud // YouTube // Groovenexus Artist Profile

  • Burnin
    Picture Source: Facebook

    Born Varun Gothwal, BURNIN dropped schooling in 10th standard and commenced his journey to become a rapper and music producer. His endless hard work and practice made people recognize his worth in 2016. He posted videos of tracks and sound design on Facebook. Known for his fresh Grimmey growls and unique drops, he has designed sounds for many celebrated Indian and international music artists.

    2017 witnessed him remix songs for EDM artists like Ookay, Cesqeaux, and Getter. He seasoned these tracks with his own patent techniques and styles. He draws massive inspiration from Sonny Moore. Supported by the likes of Snails, Getter, Ookay, Cesqueax and Soltan, his aim is to make his name big in the Bass and Desi Hip-Hop culture in India.

    Socials – Facebook // Soundcloud // Youtube

These are not in any particular order and is a personal view of the author. All artists are unique in their own techniques and styles and doing their bit to amplify the range of their music. Groovenexus believes that every talent deserves recognition!

You might as well want to go through the list of comparatively lesser known International EDM artistsDo listen to them and let us know what you guys feel of them.

Till then, keep dancin’, keep groovin’!

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