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Mobile app deep linking can be a complex endeavor. Most deep linking solutions are designed for application developers. URLgenius is designed for agencies and marketers that do not require any SDK (Software Development Kit) or API integration and act as a deep link generator. It’s easy to use. One can create, test and deploy deep link url to the desired app from any marketing channel like email, display advertising, email, paid search, affiliate marketing and social campaigns.

About URLgenius App

URLgenius is the cloud-based app deep linking platform designed for marketers, agencies or anyone that needs to create campaign links that open apps.

Features of URLgenius

  • Instant Deployment

Compose links for social apps, brand apps or even your app. Instantly deploy across marketing channels, grow support for billions of in-app destinations worldwide.

  • No SDK Required

Marketers update campaign URLs to link into apps vs. websites while controlling the fallback destination. Non-PII complaint no building or tracking device profiles.

  • Any Budget

Choose from pay-as-you-go or fixed-fee pricing designed to fit any campaign or budget. Get 500 free test clicks to prove you can increase your marketing ROI.

  • Apart from the above, it also helps to –
  • Instantly deep link into any app
  • It supports billions of app pages
  • You don’t need to install SDKs (Software Development Kit)
  • Securely brand link URLs and paths
  • Modify live link routing logic anytime
  • Feed UTMs to analytics automatically
  • Deploy links into any digital campaigns
  • Customers avoid mobile website logins
  • Boost mobile conversion and engagement
  • API key available for link creation at-scale
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing (starting at 1/click)
  • Your first 500 clicks are free!

How to use URLgenius

URLgenius Helps to create a deep link from Ionic App into Other Apps.

It helps in –

App linking | QR code generation | Deferred deep linking | Smart app banners creation

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What can all systems URL genius support?

URLgenius supports any app on Android or iOS. It enables you to compose deep links to social apps including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Messenger or e-commerce apps including Amazon, Walmart and many other types of apps. Contact us to have a specific app or even your own app added to the URLgenius platform at no charge.

The most interesting thing about URLgenius is that it is a cloud-based platform that doesn’t require an SDK. One can request support for any app, which includes your Ionic app. URL genius creates deep links and supports linking into billions of app screens for billions of functionalities. It opens limitless cross-linking opportunities between your app and other apps. URL genius can help to drive organic discovery and engagements in your app.

  • Let’s understand its functioning through some major platforms it is applied on. You can-
  • Create deep app links on social media pages like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook to grow followers.
  • Link into Telegram, Messenger, SMS, and WhatsApp to enable customer chat
  • URL genius can be linked to app-only AR experiences using Snapchat Lenses and Instagram Filters to increase brand engagement
  • URL genius can be linked to product e-commerce pages for example Amazon, or Walmart to drive sales.
  • URL genius also help the users into for Ionic app from marketing channels, QR codes, and social apps

This list could get even longer. But, now you’ve got the idea. Check out other URLgenius blogs for app deep link case studies, set up links, test them immediately free of cost, and brand your links with your domain.

Wrap up

With a lot of features, having an account on URLgenius and get it started requires some conditions. Here is all the information in detail.

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