Tiki App Review: Short Video Community


What is Tiki App?  

Tiki is the newest app that aims to provide users with control over their personal and confidential information by enabling them to control their data and monetize it who has access to it.  

The app was launched in June 2021 by Mike Audi, has enabled its users to know what kind of information is being held by the app, and has access to certain data handlers or data sets. It also lets them make money on the data that they like to share on the platform. According to its makers, it is a user-centric platform that aims to change the way personal data is being dealt with. Tiki app has over 10 million people in its creator community having the right talent and creativity with the zeal and passion to create and inspire people everywhere.   

Why Tiki App?  

Being an informational yet exciting app for short-video creation, Tiki has a high-quality short videos collection related to fashion, food, dance, music, pets, and funny clips. You get to interact with the creators you admire and the basic features of liking, commenting, and sharing their videos. Tiki also consists of an artifact that lets you express yourself and document your life with short videos. It also comes with these special effects which are easy and simple to use. You can make aesthetically beautiful videos and attract more fans to like your videos in a matter of seconds. And you can also share the videos from the Tiki app to other social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Some major key features of the app are

1. A place for real talent  

You can watch any content of your choice comprising trending videos customized according to its users’ interests. Along with amazing music videos and funny content, you can also watch series of food explorations, life hacks, and many more categories. With its powerful and smart technology for recommendations, Tiki video app makes sure that its users easily discover and find exciting content that they love to watch.   

A place for real talent

2. Become a star  

Tiki video app comes with a huge variety of face filters, special video effects and editing tools that can help you in making fashionable and beautiful videos in just a few seconds. Music magic filters can turn your content ideas into reality, and everyone can make trending videos with just a simple click and become a video star! You can find your short video community and engage with other creators on the platform as well.  

Become a star

3. Making your moment  

You can easily shoot your videos using millions of songs and sounds of almost every genre such as rock, pop, hip-hop, EDM, K-pop, Rap, Funk, country and viral original music sounds. Tiki short video app also has an amazing video editor with easy-to-use functions.  

Making your moment

4. Find your creator community, interest and engage 

You can easily like, comment and share the content you want and explore the circles that interest you. In Tiki video app, you have the power to communicate and interact with different people that you may find interesting. You may no longer have to watch videos all alone. This community of video makers has many influencers from different social media platforms all over the world such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram etc.  

Find your creator community interest and engage

The video editing tools provided by the Tiki videos app online enable users to cut, trim, duplicate, and merge different videos quickly and easily. You can unlock loads of special effects, filters, and AR objects to take your videos up a notch.   

Explore new and trending special effects

Wrap up!  

Tiki is a powerful app that is ready to give tough competition to its rival apps already owning the market. With its unique format and monetization model, this free social app can grow its user base and form a community large enough to stand in the big leagues very soon.  

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