MiniTool – A Newcomer in Video Editing Software


The MiniTool movie maker is a newcomer video editing software for windows. For now, it is an entirely free movie maker which is available online to use. MiniTool MovieMaker offers movie templates to create a movie firmly, without any prior skillsets. It’s an easy-to-use video editing software that lets users create movies with their pictures, videos, regardless of their skill level.

Users only need to select a movie template from the options, import their files to make a movie. With its edit option, users can edit the movie timeline or storyboard, add some transitions, effects, and text, export it and share it on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Also, MiniTool is a free movie maker that offers a simple timeline with:

  • Video track
  • Music tracks
  • Text tracks

MoniTool Moviemaker specifications are-

InnerImages MiniTool Movie Maker Specifications 1

If you are learning video editing, you can easily explore this tool to create outstanding videos and your search of an online movie maker-free tool ends here. If you are a beginner watch this video. This video has step by step guide of how to download MiniTool Movie Maker.

MiniTool Movie Maker can be downloaded on the following systems –

Inner Images Download MiniTool Movie Maker On

MiniTool Movie Maker is easily available online and it has good sound, video, and speed management that is helpful in making videos. If you a movie enthusiast, or a movie maker, you can create a whole new version of the raw collection with the help of this editing tool.

MiniTool movie maker can be a great alternative to Windows Movie Maker. It has similar features of windows movie maker with better functionality. Used by many artists for their purposes, MiniTool movie maker reviews are positive so far.

With beautiful effects, transitions, and titles, MiniTool movie maker has the following features-

  • Simple Timelines
  • Trim/Split
  • Animated Motion Tool
  • AutoSave Projects to share it on social media
  • Templates
  • Video Speed Controller
Inner Images MiniTool Movie Maker Features 1

Apart from that MiniTool movie maker is safe to use and claims to have the following features:

It is a Free, no ads, watermark-free video editor.

  • Contains many cool video templates that can help you make wedding, travel or birthday video, etc.
  • You can import the video, picture, and audio in various formats and directly share it on Social Media handles.
  • It supports lots of video transitions, filters, and animated text.
  • You can make slides of your pictures and club music of your choice in the background.
  • It is an easy video editing software in which video speed can be adjusted and can be reversed too.
  • One can Split, trim, merge or rotate the video.
  • Add animated titles, subtitles and end credits to the video.
  • Export video in common internet video formats.

We know how important it is to safeguard your creative creations. MiniTool ensures the safety of your creation with its privacy policy. To know the Privacy Policy of MiniTool Media Toolkit. Click here: (https://moviemaker.minitool.com/help/privacy-policy.html)

MiniTool movie maker review, in a nutshell, can be-

MiniTool movie maker has some other cool software like MiniTool Partition Wizard, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, and MiniTool Shadow Maker. But, They are new in video editing software.

As the software is free and by a well-reputed company, you can definitely use MiniTool Video Maker if you are a music enthusiast, movie maker or learning to be one. Hopefully, Overtime, It will be decent software.

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