The Greenroom App Review

The Greenroom App Review

Spotify launched a live conferencing audio live talk app called Greenroom for both android and IOS, Greenroom mainly allows its users to join live conversations or to host their own group for live discussions.

Spotify is already ahead in-game with its new live talk app and isn’t making a big deal by launching of its new app Greenroom. Spotify launched a live conferencing audio app called Greenroom for both android and iOS. Greenroom mainly allows its users to join live conversations or to host their group for live discussions and chit chat.

The Greenroom live audio app has an amazing green-and-black design similar to Spotify. It is built on Locker Room design created by Betty Labs and then Spotify acquired it in the spring. Although that earlier app was more focused and designed for sports, the new Greenroom will allow multiple audio conversations on various sports, music, and culture topics. There are many new features in Greenroom that include the ability to search for upcoming rooms and events in-app, join rooms, and even create a new room according to your interests. It will also give space for some native recordings so that users can save conversations and distribute them to their podcasts.

Spotify Greenroom is similar in looks and functionality to Clubhouse live audio app rooms, where one can connect with other artists and the community. As this app is based on the Locker Room feature, Spotify has changed the white-and-reddish orange color theme and replaced it with a signature green theme.

Speaking about the app’s functionality will give all Spotify users access to join or host live audio rooms worldwide. Anyone can turn those interactions into podcasts and discussions as well as record live conversations between them. At this moment, finding audio programs to listen to depends on users joining the kind of groups inbuilt in the app.

Greenroom Interface-

The interface of Greenroom is quite similar to the Clubhouse live audio app. There are different audio conference groups for topics like comedy, NBA, music, etc., new programs on entertainment are being planned to be added in the coming few days. It will have multiple sports contents as well, something that Locker Room solely focused on it.

Spotify notified that all Locker Room users will see their app updated to Spotify’s new and redesigned Greenroom audio conferencing application to their existing account.

How can we start or join a Room in Greenroom App?

You can start a ‘New Room’ by clicking on the ‘Create Room’ button you will find at the bottom of the Home Page app. You can easily invite others to the Room created and can also pick any groups to go live in the Room. Notifications will come up on the phone when a group you have joined or a person/fan you follow has started a Live Room in-app. As per Spotify rules and regulations, glorifying violence or inciting content, explicit content is strictly not allowed in the application. Spotify also stated that The Greenroom updates would continue to come and evolve as we learn more about what new listeners and creators want from their live audio-conferencing experience.

In addition, Spotify has announced a new Creator Fund policy that will help aggressively boost the Greenroom app with more unique content in the future.

How to download and use Spotify Greenroom App?

Users can download this app via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Those who have their Spotify account can log in to Greenroom using Spotify login credentials.

The user can use the “Greenroom App” without having a Spotify account. They can download and sign-up for free. The app is easily available in more than 135 markets around the globe.

If interested in the app, you can directly sign up with your Spotify account login, although it’s not compulsorily required to use the app for .login. When you sign up in-app, you’ll be asked to select your interests in different topics, including favorite sports teams and music genres, so that it can help you to join different live conversations you might be interested in joining.

So, Greenroom will go to hit the market soon with amazing features let’s see how it is definitely going to give tough competition to the Clubhouse in future.

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