ForTunes: Analytics for Artists App Review

ForTunes app

What is the ForTunes app?

ForTunes is a comprehensive insights app for music data analytics for music artists and their teams. It provides you with data-driven recommendations for your career and gives access to multi-platforms insights. The app was founded in 2018 by Florian Richling who is himself an artist and a producer and Christopher Muck who is a college radio and label veteran.

ForTunes app is said to be the artists’ choice for getting the best music data insights based on analytics. It has all the data an artist would like to have, with an interface that fulfills their requirements. It presents data like any other social media platform rather than showing numbers, pie charts and dashboards. Similar to Facebook or Instagram, ForTunes also sends notifications to its users in the form of artist’s milestones, benchmarks and other major achievements that are revealed by the data, which can also be shared on the social platforms pretty easily. This approach of ForTunes has proved to be fruitful as it has had over 100,000 sessions on the app each month from artists of more than 130 countries.

Key Features of ForTunes app

The app’s engine keeps track of how your music, social profiles and posts and thus gives you valuable insights about your music based on that. The music data analytics app tracks your performance across various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also, it collects data from SubmitHub Blogs and Hype machine. The app provides recommendations for playlists based on the artists and their sound profile.

Some of the key features of the music data analytics platform- ForTunes are:

  • A smart news feed that delivers the correct information to you just when you need it.
  • Get notified every time some plays your music on Spotify or any other platform with the Spotify analytics for listeners’ feature.
  • Very comprehensive recommendation engine for Spotify playlist in the market. Spotify analytics for users caters to all the data insights required from the application.
  • Get notifications whenever someone follows you on any of the social media platforms.
  • Engagements on social media posts- it keeps a tab on your social media posts and ranks them according to different metric including its own developed algorithm based engagement score.
  • You will not miss a single update about fan uploads such as song covers, live videos and remixes.
  • Read all your YouTube comments as well as comments on fan uploads all at one place.
  • Get verified and claim your artist name on the ForTunes app.
  • You can easily create a public profile so that your fans can find you and you get a platform to showcase your talents.
  • Shar e all the insights and data generated on the app with your colleagues, partners and enhance your teamwork.
  • ForTunes also teamed up with Hype Machine to let you know whenever a blog features your music.
  • SubmitHub’s services are included in the activity feed for all those who are using the service.

App Launch

ForTunes was launched in 2018 by Florian Richling and Christopher Muck to help improve the lives of music artists across the globe. Designed and created by a team of music and tech-savvy individuals, ForTunes app gives independent artists power to access music industry data analytics and provide them with professional recommendations to improve their decision-making and increase profits.

The latest version 3.1.1 of the Fortunes app launched on February 25, 2021 which included updates like Spotify playlist recommendations, track of video uploads, clips, followers, content engagement and improved interface for a better user experience.

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Sign in and Get Started

Get started with ForTunes with these 5 simple steps:

  • Enter the artist-name
Enter the artist name
  • Search in your Spotify and other social media channels whose analytics you want to have.
Search in your Spotify and other social media channels
  • For deeper insights, add your Facebook and Instagram as well.
For deeper insights add your Facebook and Instagram as well
  • Get notified instantly on all the important updates.
Get notified instantly on all the important updates
  • Share your milestones and achievements directly to various social media platforms.
Share your milestones and achievements directly to various social media platforms


If you are new to the music industry and have a hard time collecting data like others in the game longer, this app is for you. Learn how your tracks are performing on various social media platforms and music streaming platforms with real-time insights based on your profile data. The app has a playlist analyzer and a similar artist finder to help you with suggestions and recommendations. Grow and measure your social media engagement and connect with fans directly.

Music blogs and YouTube videos, social media posts, and comments generated by fans can be found all at once in a newsfeed on the free ForTunes version of the app making it very user-friendly. Boost your artist fanbase with the well-suited playlists identified using data analytics and strengthen your artist portfolio. An app to find music, ForTunes online suggests songs and playlists based on the insights generated from user profile. This feature is said to be the best feature of the app so far by various industry leaders.

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