‘Desires’ by Ronit Raj & Beat Dropper is out now! 

GrooveNexus is thrilled to launch ‘Desires’ on its official YouTube channel, GrooveNexus Records. Two up-and-coming artists, singer-songwriter Ronit Raj, and producer Beat Dropper, have teamed up to create a fresh and exciting new single titled “Desires.” 


Produced and composed by Beat Dropper, ‘Desires’ is the ultimate piece that will blow your mind with its vibrant and upbeat tracks with captivating vocals.   

Dhanbad-based multilingual singer, lyricist, and composer Ronit Raj shared the inspiration behind this fantastic track. 

“On one fine day, Beat Dropper sent me a basic afro beat arrangement, and it gave birth to this crazy melody in my head, which I recorded later. And Within 2 hours, we completed the song. While writing it, I imagined a story of a couple in which a boy falls in love with a girl who wears black kurti with a bindi adorned on her forehead. The boy was so mesmerized by her simplicity and beauty that he kept praising her.” 

Ronit started his career as a lyricist in 2016 and later shifted to become a ghost lyricist and discovered his love for singing. Subsequently, he discovered the need for a music producer to give composition and met Rahul, aka ‘Beat Dropper.’ 

Jharkhand-based music producer Rahul Kumar Ram aka “Beat Dropper,” started his music career in 2017. He grew up listening to EDM artists like Martin Garrix, Chainsmokers, Avicii, etc. and decided to be an EDM producer. As time passed, he noticed hip hop was about to grow and decided to shift his music career from EDM to Hip Hop and other genres like Punjabi and South Indian Music.   

After having produced viral songs like ‘Naarivad,’ ‘Naari,’ and ‘Fake Lover’ with MTV Hustle contestant ‘StarNick,’ the producer collaborated with Canadian artists: ‘MJ Robb and Ahsaas.’  

Beat Dropper has produced 70+ songs and over 10 million streams across all platforms. Ronit and Rahul made a song called “Awara” and are thrilled about their second collaboration for the song, ‘Desires.’  

“We just clicked from the very beginning,” says Ronit on his collaboration with Beat Dropper. “Our creative energies were so in sync, and we both knew we wanted to make something extraordinary and meaningful.” 

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