Enjoy Beautiful Ambience & Curated Music at Club 44, Sector-44 Noida

Club 44

Club 44 is a great place, an amazing retreat to the weary soul. It is praised for its stylish presentation and is a nice joint to visit for the ones looking to satiate hunger pangs with tasty, hygienic food at pocket-friendly prices. Enjoy a glass of fine wine and gaze at the cityscape that would make you feel delighted. Visit and experience casual dining and amazing interiors in Noida.  

Food and Ambience in Club 44 

Craving for finest North-Indian preparations in Noida? You must check out Club 44 menu. When it comes to North-Indian food, we all have that one restaurant that we have visited repeatedly till we are acquainted with each single thing on the menu. So, if you are in Noida and find yourself craving a delicious butter chicken with decadent Makhani gravy, or if you long for a tasty kebab feast fit for the Mughals themselves, we’ve got you covered as we have covered one of the best clubs in Noida.  

You must try the Club 44 menu for food and refreshing drinks, one of the best restaurants in Noida. Festooned with stylish furniture and fixtures, it also has arrangements for indoor and outdoor seating. You can plan your get-togethers, birthday parties, anniversaries and many more such functions. The staff of Club 44 start with the right planning in order to execute the event in the right way without any glitches. The inviting ambience of this club will make you feel welcoming every time you visit.  

This place also offers a terrace space with a combined hall for intimate gatherings. You don’t need to worry about the décor and arrangements of your event as the staff of this venue is well-trained. The in-house caterers at this venue prepare delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food for the guests. You can enjoy the latest music till midnight with a perfect ambience and casual dining in Sector 44. Come and enjoy full party vibes in Club 44, Noida Uttar Pradesh.  

  • Location: Sector 44, Noida 
  • Great for: North Indian 
  • Hours of operation: 11:00 am-11:00 pm  
  • Cost per person: ₹ 1,000* for two people (approx.)  

Frequently Asked Questions  

What cuisine is served at Club 44, Noida? 

. The main cuisine served at the club is North Indian. 

Is Club 44 Noida is pure veg? 

No, the club serves both veg and non-veg dishes. 

Does Club 44 restaurant serve buffet? 

No, barrack 62 restaurant does not serve buffet. 

Is alcohol allowed in the venue? 

No,  alcohol is not allowed in this venue. 

What is the cost for two at Club 44, Noida? 

The cost for two at this club is ₹ 1,000* for two people (approx.) 

Disclaimer: Menu & *prices are subject to change and GrooveNexus does not guarantee the accuracy of any menu item at Club 44, Noida.

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