Sutra Gastropub: Where Taste, Tunes, and Timelessness Converge 

Sutra Gatsropub

A Culinary and Musical Journey 

If you’re in the mood for an exceptional night out in Noida, look no further than Sutra Gastropub at Gardens Galleria. With its unique combination of delectable food, top-quality drinks, and a vibrant live music scene, this club has established itself as a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike. In this review, we’ll explore what makes Sutra Gastropub a must-visit spot for those seeking a memorable evening. 

The Perfect Blend: Food, Drinks, and Music 

Sutra Gastropub is not your average club; it’s a destination that excels in three key areas: food, drinks, and music. Let’s dive into what sets this club apart from the rest. 

Exceptional Food Menu 

One of the standout features of Sutra Gastropub is its exceptional food menu. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a full-fledged dining experience, their menu has something to satisfy every palate. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect: 

Appetizers: Start your culinary journey with an array of mouthwatering appetizers that tantalize your taste buds. 

Main Course: For those looking for a heartier meal, their main course options range from classic comfort food to gourmet delights. 

Gastropub Specials: Don’t miss out on the gastropub specials, where the chefs showcase their creativity and culinary skills with unique and delectable creations. 

Top-Quality Drinks 

When it comes to drinks, Sutra Gastropub doesn’t compromise on quality. Their bar boasts an impressive selection of top-quality drinks, including: 

Cocktails: Enjoy expertly crafted cocktails that cater to a wide range of preferences, from classic concoctions to signature creations. 

Wine and Spirits: Whether you prefer wine, whiskey, or other spirits, you’ll find a diverse selection that suits your taste. 

Non-Alcoholic Options: Sutra Gastropub also caters to non-drinkers with a selection of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. 

Live Music Lineup 

What truly sets Sutra Gastropub apart is its vibrant live music scene. The club hosts some of the best local and international DJs, creating an electrifying atmosphere that keeps the crowd grooving all night long. The music spans various genres, from commercial and hip-hop to house and techno, ensuring there’s something for everyone to dance to. 

Location and Operating Hours 

Location: Sutra Gastropub is conveniently located at Plot No. 101, Sector 38, making it easily accessible for both locals and out-of-town guests. 

Operating Hours: The club welcomes guests from 12:00 pm to 01:00 am, offering ample time to enjoy their offerings. 

Meet the Visionaries 

To truly understand what makes Sutra Gastropub exceptional, it’s essential to acknowledge the dedicated individuals behind the scenes. The club is owned and managed by a team of passionate professionals who are committed to delivering an exceptional experience. Their dedication to providing outstanding food, drinks, and music is evident in every aspect of the club. 

Visual and Auditory Delights: Sutra Gastropub Photos and Reviews 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s take a visual journey through Sutra Gastropub: 

Now, let’s hear what patrons have to say about their experiences at Sutra Gastropub: 

Sophia M.: “Sutra Gastropub is my favorite place to unwind with friends. The food is always outstanding, and the live music sets the perfect mood for a memorable night out.” 

Arjun B.: “The cocktails here are top-notch! The bartenders know their craft well. It’s not just a club; it’s a destination for great drinks and music.” 

Priya S.: “I celebrated my birthday at Sutra Gastropub, and it was a blast. The live music was fantastic, and the staff made sure we had an unforgettable night.” 


Sutra Gastropub at Gardens Galleria is more than just a club; it’s an immersive experience that combines exceptional food, top-quality drinks, and a lively music scene. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your taste buds, enjoy expertly crafted cocktails, or dance the night away to electrifying beats, Sutra Gastropub has it all. 

So, when you’re in the mood for a memorable night out in Noida, make your way to Sutra Gastropub. It’s where culinary and musical excellence meet, and where unforgettable memories are created. Cheers to a night you won’t soon forget! 


1. What sets Sutra Gastropub apart from other clubs in Noida?

Sutra Gastropub is a unique blend of exceptional food, top-quality drinks, and live music, creating a memorable experience for all.

2. Tell us more about the food menu at Sutra Gastropub.

Our menu offers a diverse range of appetizers, main course options, and gastropub specials to satisfy every palate.

3. What can I expect from the drink selection at Sutra Gastropub?

We take pride in offering expertly crafted cocktails, a variety of wine and spirits, and refreshing non-alcoholic options.

4. Is there a live music scene at Sutra Gastropub?

Absolutely! We host some of the best local and international DJs, covering various music genres to keep the energy high.

5. Where is Sutra Gastropub located, and what are the operating hours?

You can find us conveniently located at Plot No. 101, Sector 38, Noida. We’re open from 12:00 pm to 01:00 am, so you have plenty of time to enjoy our offerings.

6. Who owns and manages Sutra Gastropub?

Sutra Gastropub is owned and managed by a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing an exceptional experience.

7. Can I see photos and reviews from patrons who have visited Sutra Gastropub?

Certainly! Check out our visual and auditory delights section for photos, and read what our patrons have to say about their experiences.

8. Do I need to make a reservation, or can I walk in?

While reservations are recommended for special occasions, you can also walk in and join us for a fantastic night out.

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