Why So Sad and Avaion collaborate for latest single ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’

Why So Sad and Avaion collaborate for latest single 'Don't Wake Me Up'

Photo Courtesy: Urban Rebel PR

Why So Sad and AVAION join forces once again to bring a sensual fusion of their respective styles to the new ethereal dance hit ‘Don’t Wake Me Up.’ 2021 single ‘Fallin’ marked their debut collaboration and had a catalytic effect for both Why So Sad and AVAION.

Accumulating over 14 million streams worldwide and firmly certifying the artists as an up-and-coming force. Their latest alliance promises to leave just as powerful an impression. 

Masterful yet effortlessly cool, ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ perfectly showcases Why So Sad and AVAION’s juxtaposing sounds in one stellar release. ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ leads with a heartbeat-like kick swiftly embellished with mesmerising synth keys that surge a feeling of impending ecstasy.

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Photo Courtesy: Urban Rebel PR

AVAION’s soul-baring vocals bring emotional energy to the track and become the focal point of electrifying isolated builds that descend into club-ready beat-driven breaks.

Why So Sad and AVAION echo mutual respect and the same revelled excitement to be collaborating once again: ”When we start a common song-writing session, or even more when we start to produce together, the outcome is something completely new, something one of us alone wouldn’t create. We love that – it’s fascinating.”

Why So Sad’s flair for new production has gained over 50 million streams with just seven previous releases. Their sublime single ‘Out of Time’ rocketed to over 26.7 million streams, 3.8 million views on the official music video, and millions more on tastemaker channels, earning Why So Sad Gold status in South Africa.

A multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and DJ, AVAION, has an innate ability to capture raw and, often painful, life experiences in his music. Transforming his songs into deeply dance-worthy hits that have fans hooked on his every beat.

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Photo Courtesy: Urban Rebel PR

‘Lies,’ ‘Keep On Dancing,’ and ‘Hope’ are just a taster from AVAION’s string of successful releases in 2022. However, its 2019 platinum-selling Sony Music debut ‘Pieces’ is undoubtedly AVAION’s most significant release yet, recently reaching another meteoric milestone of over 100 million streams on Spotify. 

AVAION will join the social network Club Cooee for an exclusive virtual concert from Friday, 2nd December, until Sunday. In this award-winning 3D online chat, millions of users can interact with each other, attend virtual parties and embrace creativity.

AVAION’s DJ set will celebrate the live premiere of the new single ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ with Why So Sad. Fans can expect items for their avatars, specially designed with AVAION’s aesthetic, a spotlight event, a good sticker with his global hit ‘Pieces,’ and a gift for all concert-goers.

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