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TuneGO®, a leading Web3 music platform, has been awarded a new patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) for innovative technology that ensures metadata remains secure and accurate across the entire music ecosystem. The patented TuneFile® empowers artists and contributors by establishing metadata consistency throughout the music supply chain to ensure music royalties are properly paid to the creative community. 

The patented TuneFile® seamlessly integrates with the patented TuneGO Vault®, ensuring music content is secure, and metadata is protected and accurate in the cloud and offline. The innovative TuneFile® allows artists and creators to share their metadata, song splits, and royalty information with the vast ecosystem of music distribution platforms, licensing companies, and collection societies with guaranteed accuracy to ensure royalties are correctly paid to contributors. The TuneFile’s patented technology can check the patented TuneGO Vault to ensure metadata accuracy and completeness, even after the TuneFile has been shared with outside organizations. 

TuneFile® is a file-sharing feature in the TuneGO Vault, which enables artists to maintain complete control over the entire creative process, and establish a chain of custody for a song before the minting of a non-fungible token (“NFT”). This technological breakthrough is a cutting-edge invention that will benefit the creative community in the digital era of music and the future of Web3. 

“Our Web3 platform is unique because it forms a secure, end-to-end digital record of the creative process, which serves as a comprehensive record of all credits and contributions,” said John Kohl, Co-Founder, and CEO of TuneGO.

“The TuneFile invention builds on our progress by making it simple for music artists to identify whether or not the metadata in their song files is fully complete before they share their content with other parties and begin to monetize it. We are proud that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office continues to recognize the transformative power of our innovative technology,” John Kohl added. 

TuneGO has been granted U.S. Patent No. 11,392,637, which is directed to marking containerized content at a given level of completeness based on the items of metadata in the container. The metadata items can be identified for a particular content type, and the container can be marked as complete or incomplete based on the presence or absence of those metadata items.

TuneGO’s already formidable patent portfolio includes 18 U.S. and foreign-granted and pending patent applications—covering various aspects of secure digital storage of music and digital media, creative rights administration and protection, safe and secure project collaboration, and the monetization of creative work through traditional channels and new revenue streams in the world of Web3. 

“This new patent is yet another milestone we have achieved on our way to revolutionizing the way artists track and protect their creative rights and contributions—and ensure they are paid all of the royalties,” said Stacy Haitsuka, CTO of TuneGO.

“We remain dedicated to helping artists, as well as content distributors and providers, securely roll out creative material to audiences and collectors and stay one step ahead of changes in fan engagement and content consumption,” said Stacy Haitsuka, CTO of TuneGO.

TuneGO operates on the Flow blockchain, the home of NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, UFC Strike, and LaLiga (coming soon). TuneGO creates a technology gateway between the creative ecosystem and fans, collectors, and consumers and is bolstered by the ease of use and no gas fees of the eco-friendly Flow blockchain.

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