Warner Music Debuts Hip Hop Label Atlantic Records Benelux

Warner Music Debuts Hip Hop Label Atlantic Records Benelux

Warner Music is launching Atlantic Records Benelux, which will be dedicated to discovering and promoting emerging hip-hop artists from across the Benelux region. Atlantic Records Benelux will be led by Sander Stijnen as Head of A&R, and Ixia Verdooren as Head of Domestic Marketing. 

Warner Music Group acquired Moscow-based Zhara Music and renamed the division Atlantic Records Russia, back in March. Now, after experiencing a 75-percent stock price surge since early November 2020, has officially launched Atlantic Records Benelux.   

Warner Music Group higher-ups announced the rollout of Atlantic Records Benelux via a formal release on 5th November.  

The newly minted label will work towards “discovering and promoting the best emerging domestic hip-hop artists from across Benelux” – that is, Belgium, the Netherlands (where Universal Music arrived on the stock market in September), and Luxembourg.  

Addressing the launch of Atlantic Records Benelux, head of domestic marketing Ixia Verdooren said: “I feel honored to be part of this new adventure with Sander and the rest of the team, who have worked incredibly hard to get everything ready for launch. We want to build a family of diverse local artists who are impossible to ignore and deliver real cultural impact, pushing the limits of local repertoire.” 

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