Warner Music Group launches Rhythm City on Roblox

Warner Music Group launches Rhythm City on Roblox

Photo Credit: Warner Music Group Corp. via PR Newswire

The world’s largest music and entertainment corporation, Warner Music Group, has released Rhythm City, a groundbreaking social roleplaying game on Roblox with a musical theme.

Rhythm City, a social roleplaying game created in collaboration with Gamefam, a top provider of games and content across metaverse platforms, will give users access to various digital goods that are only available on Roblox and will introduce them to musicians and artists.

“As our lives become increasingly digital, exciting opportunities are opening up for artists and fans to engage and interact,” said Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Business Development at WMG.

“WMG is focused on facilitating the foundations of these new experiences by building and experimenting across evolving ecosystems. This partnership with Gamefam sees WMG creating a place for artists and audiences to unite to define and contextualize their communities within living spaces.”

WMG and Gamefam collaborated to develop Rhythm City, a cutting-edge experience that combines essential game components with the power of music. Users can explore, dance, and connect with friends while taking in the world’s hidden jewels and participating in mini-music challenges by selecting from many jobs, such as music producer, DJ, dancer, and many more. Rhythm City will also offer virtual performances and events with a few WMG artists.

“We are thrilled to have a chance to combine our passion for developing authentic, highly-engaging metaverse content with our love of music”, said Joe Ferencz, Founder, and CEO at Gamefam.

“WMG has been a brilliant partner in pushing innovative strategies, and together with our expertise, we’ve channeled that into production excellence creating a new community for music lovers in the metaverse,” the Gamefam founder added.

Starting February 4, 2023, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC, and Xbox One users will be able to enjoy and explore Rhythm City on the Roblox platform.

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